Exclusive Review: Matty Marz – “Mine” Single

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Some artists and producers really hit it out of the park when it comes to exclusive singles. As opposed to an entire album, a single gives an artist a true opportunity to shine bright on a single track that really showcases their craft and versatility. Matty Marz does exactly that with his fresh new single “Mine”, and really pulls out all the stops in all the right places.

Emerging from the landscapes of New York, Matty Marz comes out of the gate with a fire hot signature sound that diligently combines elements of Pop, Dance, Indie and everything in between. “Mine” jumps right into action with an eclectic groove that is bound to raise eyebrows from the second it starts. Utilizing top notch production value, smooth bass lines and dynamically witty rhyming techniques, Matty puts together a song that truly captures his essence and aura. It has hints of superstar qualities reminiscent of industry heavyweights like Prince, Bruno Mars, Jason Mraz, John Mayer and others of a similar caliber, but on a much more original angle.

The lyrics are excellently crafted with a very colorful lyric video to provide some very effective visuals as the track plays out. With strong vocal melodies at the helm of every measure, you’ll never find yourself getting bored of this song by any means. In fact, it’s a song you could easily throw on repeat and love it every time. But it’s no surprise coming from an artist that’s been classically trained since the age of 12. Matty Marz seriously crushes it on this single and that can’t be stressed enough.

“Mine” is currently available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and several other digital music streaming platforms. Check into this one if you want a taste of something fresh, but also cleverly familiar.

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Album Review: SNOOKNUK – “Once Upon A Day, A Lot More Funny” Album

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

With a powerful voice in melody emerging from the world of children’s music, Cheri Moon, most known by her stage name SNOOKNUK, has been a major staple in the industry since her inception and has captivated endless hearts and ears with melodically catchy songs. Her album ‘Once Upon A Day, A Lot More Funny’ is comprised of 14 brilliant tracks and demonstrates some of her biggest strengths as a black artist in today’s prominent music world in the children’s category; giving us a hearty dose of fun melodies and educational lyrics that will easily steal your heart upon the very first listen.

SNOOKNUK is no stranger to the industry – she has worked alongside several pioneer artists in today’s modern world of music including Timbaland, Jimmy Douglass, Danja, Kevin Rudolf, among many others. And has also written famous jingles for commercial entities like McDonald’s, Dr. Pepper, K-Mart, Joe Boxer and Burger King. She is also an executive producer for the PBS show Bug Bites. Her critical acclaim is widely regarded and recognized, garnering her an insatiable following and fan base. So it’s no surprise that her album “Once Upon A Day…” is as flavorful as it is. Packed with witty lyrics, dangerously catchy melodies and top notch production value, this full length record is anything but a letdown.

Mixing a more modern Pop signature sound with several other vocal-worthy elements that could wrap around almost any mainstream radio genre, SNOOKNUK really grabs your attention from the very first track and never lets up throughout the album’s duration. Her harmonies are spot on, the rhyming schemes are cleverly executed, her voice is angelically crisp and the fun learning experiences in each song makes this album an absolute must-have for children. Utilizing several themes and lessons throughout each track, songs like “Hold My Hand to Cross the Road” and “Nice To Be Nice” really encapsulate her spirit as both an artist and guide, providing both a fun and learning experience for children. As an audience member, it’s impossible for her good nature to go unnoticed. She provides an aura and atmosphere that really puts positivity into the air and is bound to leave children of all ages with an enormous impact in their lives. Her talent is very apparent and really shines through on each song from this album, and each time you and your children give these songs a listen, you’ll definitely see (and hear) exactly why.

This record really showcases SNOOKNUK effectively and will continue to draw in music fans across the globe of many ages. The album is currently available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and several other music streaming platforms. You’ll definitely wanna pick this one up!

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Exclusive Review: Phillip Gilchrist – “Song On the Radio” Single

Review by; Justyn Brodsky

Cover Art of Phillip Gilchrist’s single “Song On The Radio”

With a passion for fashion and leaving an everlasting impression with his versatile vocal compositions, R&B singer Phillip Gilchrist will do you no wrong. He’s very multifaceted, melodic and really gives your ears quite the treat. His signature sound is perfect for today’s Pop and R&B realm and really proves it two-fold with his newest single “Song On The Radio.”

Not trying to be witty or anything, but this song definitely should be on the radio. The catchiness of the chorus on this song is one you’d definitely hear on any Top 10 radio countdown. Phillip‘s voice really carries the torch on this track with his mid-to-high vocal range and really sings with his own stylization reminiscent of Ne-Yo, Usher and others of a similar caliber. This song is definitely for the ladies though; it’s sexy, has plenty of swagger and really gets the sweat going once the track starts to move you. Whether you’re in a club or by yourselves, this song’s magic takes you with it.

This song has some incredible power that goes way passed the radio, but definitely sharpens the edges of a solid hit that could cut through the airwaves. It’s a home run, touch down, and goal all at once. The production value is right where it needs to be, the post production doesn’t have unnecessary antics and the authenticity of the vocal progressions are naturally executed. Once you take a listen to “Song On The Radio,” you’ll be keeping tabs on Phillip Gilchrist‘s career, including an EP he currently has in the works. You can find this current single on Spotify, Apple Music, and several other digital music streaming platforms.

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Neoborn Caveman – “12 Days of Love” Single

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Neoborn Caveman has graced our platform before. And the more we get to know him, the more versatility of his musical stature comes to light. His single “12 Ways of Love” is definitely a rollercoaster ride of one of his many angles of multifaceted goodness that truly shines on a path that bridges the gap between originality and familiarity; giving us even more insight into NC‘s soundscapes and artistic merit.

Utilizing a more electronically infused signature sound, from beginning to end, NC‘s vocals resonate both lyrically and rhythmically parallel. And that’s what makes this song truly unique – we get to indulge into NC‘s vocal abilities in ways that are multilayered with standouts of their own.

The usage of EDM is very anthemic and organized. Everything flows melodically much like his other material, but, “12 Ways of Love” is a modern treat for the ears that brings forth a futuristic sound that is also comprised of many familiar vocal melody structuring. And that’s another facet of this song – structuring. We get genre-bending elements that are surprising but still smoothly transitioned in a way that doesn’t throw the song off. Oh, and the subtlety in NC‘s voice manages to sustain perfectly alongside his musical character. The many elements used to suspend every measure of this song is chosen wisely and crafted carefully. This song has twists and turns, but never strays from its actual foundation that the track starts with. “12 Ways Of love” is one big dose of versatility with its own sense of sweetness, splendor and charm all doused in one electronic package of compelling production value.

“12 Ways of Love” releases August 31st and will be available everywhere including all digital music streaming platforms.

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Joe Hodgson Gears Up To Release His Guitar Instrumental Single “The One That Got Away” Slated For August 28th

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art of Joe Hodgson’s new single “The One That Got Away”

When it comes to powerfully written guitar-focused instrumentals, it’s musicians/songwriters like Joe Hodgson that truly carry that torch. His technique is clean, crisp, and always keeps you engaged without the need of deep meaning lyrics or poetic justice (not saying those things are bad!). But sometimes the musicianship factors themselves need their own leg to stand on and Joe Hodgson does exactly that with his anthemic new single “The One That Got Away.”.

This song from beginning to end really sets a mild tone that is comfortable, dynamic, and multifaceted when it comes to Joe‘s signature style of guitar playing. His tones are crisp, the mix is very precise and the guitar melodies really resonate with any listener. His intro is blended with beautifully executed jazzy riffs that have emotion and anticipation. At times, you can hear some great lead techniques from guitar veterans like Joe Satriani, Eric Clapton and Eric Johnson, but Joe still very much instills his own versatile style that makes great use of picking, time signature leads and other practical uses that are crafty and innovative all at the same time. It’s an emotionally jazzy song that does justice to the heart of the title and the visceral mood of the overall tone. The title is inspired by a breakup of a long term relationship and speaks to the soul through its stripped back simplicity. It shows a musician that can paint pictures and tells stories with his guitar. And when it comes to the overall experience of this song, you can really hear how it shows, how the song resonates with emotion, and bridges the listener right to the heart of the song.

This track is the gold standard when it comes to techniques, the ability to place them in the song correctly, and to really build on a foundation that is beautifully written and mixed down perfectly. This is highly recommended for everyone, but especially guitarists and instrumentalists altogether. They will appreciate the writing structure, beautiful guitar tones and overall mood of this versatile track. The song comes out on August 28th, and you can catch a quick teaser below.

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