Artist Review: Cody Tyler

Review By: Justyn Brodsky 

We are very, very stoked about this review. Cody Tyler, YouTube Celebrity and DIY Artist honing his craft in Miami, FL.


We would like to bring you an Artist that is a perfect example of someone pursuing the right dreams, at the right time, and utilizing the right resources. That biggest resource: YouTube. Where Cody Tyler found his niche, his audience, and his kickstart into Music Industry DIY Fame as a YouTube Celebrity.

This is not an Artist that found music necessarily by craving the fame, fortune, and undeniable attention it comes with; he found it as a therapy to face his own inner issues. Some choose drugs, some choose booze, or medication…Cody chose Music. And what was originally used as self medication to his own personal demons, turned out to be his godsend where he flourished beautifully.

His first Music Video / Single, “Mine”, hit YouTube like lightning and is currently over 1 Million views to date. His upcoming album is currently in its Mastering stages.

Cody is not just an Artist, but an inspiration as to what truly gives birth to an Artist. An Artist that didn’t just wake up one day and decided to be one. This journey of Music for Cody is a spiritual one; a pursuit that is perhaps was part of God’s plan for him. And in my opinion, this is why I believe his first-effort rendered success is not only inspiring, but well deserved. 

Cody is treasured among us here on the Roster list. He is a guy that started out with a bang, and has been climbing the industry ladder ever since. You haven’t seen the last of him; and if you didn’t know of him before, you do now. 

Connect with Cody Tyler:          Twitter: @purplecodytyler

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