Artist Review: Stevi Leigh

Review By: Justyn Brodsky

When I got an Email from Stevi Leigh and exercised the idea about our Artist Roster, I knew it was definitely for the best ;).

Such a brilliant voice and mind we have here, with the looks and personality to beautifully light up the Pop side of the Music Industry in ways we haven’t heard yet. She’s not just another typical Pop singer whining about ex boyfriends or the politics of Spotify (Yes, Miss Swift, you can move aside now), this girl brings an attitude to her vocal approach, a spice to her choruses to douse you with integrated melodies, garnished with vibrantly almost-too-good-to-be-true vibratos as she finishes another breath before catching it again to begin this methodically theoretical process. Yes folks, I haven’t heard a female sing quite like this. 

She has a little something for everyone; and always has a recipe to bring with it. The comfort of her voice in her song “Reach Out” perfectly demonstrates this. While not only bringing you in with a verse that keeps you hooked from its starting point, she’ll also make sure the energy remains in the right places with the chorus that follows that perfectly meshes with the song’s message; forcing most listeners to probably sway their hips (even if they’re not good at it). You just gotta hand the mic off to this girl and dance, listen, see, hear, and just remain in awe. Repeat.

If you wanna see Stevi Leigh amaze you with a live performance, she recently performed at the Market America International Convention, her Official Video for “For The Best”, and lots more Stevi-goodness can be found on YouTube.

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