Artist Review: Johnny Wore Black

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

When I first hit Play on JWB’s Firefly from their LP Walking Underwater Pt. 2, it gives you that morbid feeling of not knowing what direction the song is going. Is this gonna be something EDM? Is this just one of those cool intros like they used to pull off in the 90s? Forget all that. As soon as the band kicked in…I. WAS. HOOKED. I had to keep this track going. There’s no better direction the intro could’ve gone. And if you want the answer to the intro-question…it is simple…it’s a perfect mesh of what progression the rest of the band is playing during the song. It just works.

You grasp a comfortable voice during the verses, then get the pre-verse tastiness that sustains all the way to the chorus. The guitar tones are heavy and crisp, the drums cruise along with a pounding rotund low end that creates an innovative rhythm section.

And their dynamic is nothing complicated; it’s a quartet of guys (hailing from the UK) that fit in a rare breed of today’s music…AMAZING song writers.
Moving on to the track A Cut Above. You want a badass guitar riff? This is your draft pick. And in my opinion should DEFINITELY be the opening track at their live show (maybe It is! Go see them and let us know!). This song kicks in that head-bobbing part of the brain that can’t resist its own body language. Another fact about this band: you won’t hear one badly written chorus. Every single one will stick like glue.

Johnny Wore Black is a huge recommendation from us staff here at Artist Reach. Another discovery we became stoked on discovering, and another reason our Roster rocks the way it does! 

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