Artist Review: The Ghost of Brooklyn

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

According to Borough History, The Ghost of Brooklyn is a real ghost from Green Wood Cemetary. Not the scary nighttime variety, but a friendly Musical ghost that meditates, plays guitar, and has a knack for the best vegan platters in the city. The only time he ever heads back to the graveyard is to watch YouTube.

Raised solely for musical purposes, authenticity, songwriting talent, and haunting sounds that may bring others more life, the mainstay in this character is relayed on the fact that, he IS a ghost. And with him, he carries a legacy (Est. 1881).

In his song “Where I Come From”, he carries with him a friendly rhythm citing that Brooklyn is indeed where he comes from. With an appeal all too human to the naked eye, the fact that the ghost in him is unseen is what helps him set forth the legacy. His voice brings you that vibrancy of the good old days of natural songwriting, precise vocal arrangements, intelligent layering of vocal production, and a little something to get you dancing around the graveyard.

In “One Love”, a Reggae-esque and uplift into surviving vs. thriving; the ghost makes his rounds with a friend to demonstrate that freedom is something that is to be cherished. The music carries a consistent brilliance and never leaves you short of that good vibration when the tambourine leads the way. 

The craft of Ghost’s songs is something that helps you get away from the struggle of being a New Yorker (at times) and reminds you to step out of your shell (or grave) to explore, dance, and let this Music bring you the mood proper enough to enjoy the finer moments to be made in the Borough. This ghost really does captivate you in the greatest ways. Next time you pass Green Wood Cemetary, perhaps have a jam sesh with him. His talent, and legacy, will be apparent; and a joy to behold!
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