Artist Review: The Static Dynamic

Review by: Justyn Brodsky


A triumphant sound with robust energy, emotional breakdowns and great showcased musicianship makes The Static Dynamic remind us of the epic value in songwriting that bands from the early-2000’s switch touched on (i.e. Early records from Taking Back Sunday, Jimmy Eat World, From Autumn to Ashes, Straylight Run, etc.).

This female fronted Alt/Rock Quartet shows no disappointments from their most recent EP release of “Late Season”. It’s got loud and gain-fueled guitar work, a punchy rhythm section, and great layering of vocals without the theatrics of overproduction. This is a well thought out record, and has a great centerpiece to the overall sound.

“Blue Skies” in particular, is a very intelligent and beautiful anthem that has great build ups and breakdowns in the song’s emotionally driven format, and keeps you listening without losing interest in the overall dynamics of the track. It settles, it swells, it hits hard, and it just feels right. It’s a caliber of mood swings at times but sustains solid ground. It’s one of those tracks that you could easily put on repeat. Or play for a friend just to spark their interest in amazing music they may not have heard just yet. TSD is definitely one of those bands that bring fire for a first impression, and “Blue Skies” demonstrates this sweetly.

This band without a doubt has big things coming down the line. And we at Artist Reach endorse, support, and recommend The Static Dynamic in every way. There’s a charismatic, humble feel to their production value, there’s ingredients for beautiful chemistry, and just leaves you feeling glad that you discovered this band. They will easily be among your favorite discoveries so far this year. 

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