Artist Review: Clever Measures

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Clever Measures are exactly just that: clever. A little Rock, a little Roll, and a mix of originals and covers to satisfy the Live Show goers’ soul.

Since forming in 2013, a dynamic and very natural chemistry manifested among the quartet of professional musicians. Clever Measures pretty much formed and evolved into an all-star lineup with the relentless musicianship that each member brings to the round table. And whether it’s rocking some energy-driven covers for the crowd (and for the better paying shows), they also have written some excellent songs that need some major attention. And there’s one that jumped out at me right at the top of their Soundcloud.

That song is “Eat Sleep Race Repeat”. A guitar-fueled Sports Racing anthem that glorifies the sports tribute with an undeniably high-energy, ridiculously-well-written guitar riff that starts this song off with some strength. Once the rest of the band comes in, it’s balls-to-the-wall all the way through.

All of your favorite Rock elements from all the epic eras are in this song. We hear riffs that compliment and bring us back to the golden Classic Rock days, the untouchable 90s era in the songwriting and melody factors, some 80s that also can be heard in some of the vocal delivery, and the better parts of today’s Rock sensibilities. All the ingredients needed to make “Eat Sleep Race Repeat” a song perfect for blasting in your car stereo, putting on repeat, and best of all–to hear the band playing it at a live show!

The chorus of this song soars, the production value showcases a powerful rhythm section and dueling guitars with high-gain, well-EQed and crisp guitar tones that include shredding solos and all the goods in between. The vocals have a great range, great tone, and have a powerful delivery that energizes this song for both your CD listening experience, and Live Show.

Listen, Rock, Shred, Repeat!

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