Artist Review: Ruggid Real

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

When it comes to Ruggid Real‘s Mary-Jane attributed anthem “Blown Away”, the song title speaks for itself completely.

An artist with insatiable drive and talent, Ruggid Real is more proof that underground Hip Hop is where most of the best of its kind can be found. But make no mistake, I firmly believe this artist is one of XXL‘s “Next To Blow” artists, especially with this current single in the forefront.

With a baritone-oriented sing-songs style over one of the most catchiest beats I’ve heard anytime recently, “Blown Away” does exactly what the title advertises, whether it was aiming for it or not. The hooks are undeniably perfected in a way where there isn’t too many overdubs to outdo itself. There’s a medium, stable ground in the song’s dynamic approach and it falls under one of those classic-status weed smoking anthems that never loses its dignity, or its simplicity.

This is an extremely difficult song to get out of your head. It speaks in many volumes and RR‘s craft is ever present throughout every measure. The song’s content is showcased tastefully, and the repeat button is perfect option for this track. It’s one that will never get old, and perhaps it’s a track that intrigues you in a way that entices you to explore the rest of Ruggid Real‘s catalogue. This artist does not disappoint. At all. Period. It’s refreshing, and I can’t stress it enough.

With a new year right around the corner for RR, expect more music from this artist that won’t be anything less than amazing. For now, listen to this track and be, perhaps, blown away.

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