Artist Review: Furious Underdogs

Review by: Justyn Brodsky & Dave Welsh

An audio-visual explosion in emotion, humor, politics, mood swings, and a fantastic 70s punk implementation into an innovative sound that gives you something energetic and fun around every twist and turn.

And that’s the sound in an and of itself that Furious Underdogs portray when presenting an edge-of-the-seat persona with their most recent EP Glitter Your Own (Unicorn). It’s definitely new food for the ear with that classic old school Rock/Punk edge that came out of the gate in the 70s; however still maintaining a sensibility that today’s Rock listeners can appreciate in whole.

One thing that makes these tracks more interesting is the music video content that consists of a montage where musical and historical elements make an appearance. It all fits well with the speedy-punk outbursts and spoken-wordy lyricism that cruises the tracks along.

But overall, you can’t help but have adoration for the honesty Furious Underdogs puts out there. One might call it controversial, but we see it as expressive, and to some extent, perhaps daring. But that’s what makes this EP a lovable one; there’s nothing held back. This is artistic expression that brings us back to the way-back-when era while exploring newer, fresher avenues in musical innovation. We highly suggest to check out this EP; along with the videos to make your experience most effective while listening to Furious Underdogs.

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