Artist Review: Hayley Lam – “Being Alive” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Most girls on our platform are Pop Singers, Divas, and people who use their voice as their key ingredient. However, we get a knockout Jazz/Fusion Lead-Keyboardist and composer out of Hayley Lam, a musician since 2-years old that makes most of us men turn our heads a different direction and practice our instruments a little more than our normal run-of-the-mill routine. Or perhaps open some Music Theory books.

It’s all in the title. Her single “Being Alive” is a dynamic exercise in contemporary Jazz, Fusion, and a very alive, per se, style of music that showcases Lam‘s relentless talent on an electric Piano. From sounds of Marimbas to classic Rhodes-influenced leads, we get measure after measure of very versatile compositions that go above and beyond anything you’d expect from a girl with some astonishing good looks and take-no-prisoners leather image.

Believe me, this is quite the surprise. With every girl coming out of the gate trying to become the next Adele, Nicki Minaj, or Lorde…we hear a diverse female New Yorker with musical influences ranging from Allan Holdsworth, Return to Forever to Weather Report and many more to list.

Especially coming out of the gate of New York, this is definitely a girl you’d hear performing sets at Jazz hot spots like Blue Note, to even genre-mixers like Webster Hall and The Bitter End. Either way, Lam will be turning heads, raising eyebrows and grasping at your attention with her insatiable abilities to grab each measure by its throat, and put down some of the best music-theory-oriented chops you could wanna hear. Her abilities will absolutely captivate you.

Right now, she’s trying to raise money to get her EP recorded and off the ground. So we encourage all of you to listen to Hayley Lam, be stunned, and help a truly gifted artist get this music out there. Her campaign can be found here:

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