Career Highlight: Dani Miller (The Epoch Advisory

Article by: Justyn BrodskyIn the entertainment industry, there is a massive amount of legwork that needs to be done to keep the music alive, the projects relevant, and the business successful. While there are many behind-the-scenes jobs that come and go, the ones who accomplish the feat of manifestation and innovation while keeping their composure are few and far between.

One of those rare gems is Dani Miller from The Epoch Advisory, a company that focuses on bringing more recognition of the importance of music supervisors and their vital creative role in one part of a larger storytelling organism, and crucial behind-the-scenes component of the entertainment industry altogether.

Dani’s no stranger to the game at all and a very familiar face in her part of the musical spectrum. Her impact on the music supervisory part of the industry has been monumental with her multifaceted skills to multitask and maintain her composure in an organized and effective way while handling the pressures of the Hollywood circuit. Dani has worked closely with many angles of the scene putting in countless hours relentlessly into Public Relations and the many factors to making Music Supervisory not only a continued success, but one that can also delve into positive change and innovation. And her experience and expertise has contributed to this immensely.

In September 2017, the first-ever “Outstanding Music Supervision” Emmy Award was handed to veteran TV music supervisor Susan Jacobs. At the end of June 2018, the Grammys announced that they would be following in the Emmy’s footsteps with a significant category expansion. Music supervisors would now be considered in the Best Compilation Soundtrack Album category. In an effort to show you how important music supervisors are, Dani urges you to recall your all-time favorite soundtrack. Chances are you’ll draw the mental and emotional image diligently when you combine the impact that soundtrack had on you and the tireless hours it took bringing it to life.

Dani, who is one of the main staples of The Epoch Advisory, has amassed a clientele that is beyond impressive. The bespoke agency has recently worked with some industry heavyweights including composers Daniel Pemberton (Ocean’s 8, Steve Jobs, All The Money In The World), Christopher Lennertz (Lost In Space, Sausage Party), John Debney (The Orville, The Passion Of The Christ), Mark Snow (The X-Files), Blake Neely (The Arrow, The Mentalist), among many others.

As Dani Miller and her team at The Epoch Advisory continue to compose, create, manifest and innovate throughout 2018 and beyond, be sure to keep tabs on her winning streak by going to The Epoch Advisory’s official website and witness more history in the making.

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