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Couch Talk TV is a prominent platform where you get the opportunity to come take a seat on the couch with a trio of like-minded individuals and discuss the current state of Hip Hop from all angles. Ranging from best unsigned rappers, to pioneers of the game and everything in between.

The Couch Talk team also discusses a vast array of trending topics, entertainment news and world news all from the minds of three different-thinking and multifaceted millennials. It’s a chance to see the true urban media from different angles with hard fact hitting viewpoints on today’s spectrum of mainstream culture.

The cast of the show consist of two males and one female with different lifestyles, backgrounds and moral views to maintain a versatile side to every story and the components of individuality that come from the mind of each opinion; a real-life venture with them as a team to try and build chemistry while tackling some of the hardest trending topics of this millennium.

INSTA-GRAMMAR: The Couch Outlet.

  • Instagram questions from comments in The Couch Talk videos will be addressed to keep the audience engaged and let them stay for the unpredictable narrative of many different inquiries. You can start by connecting with them on Instagram at:

Channeling In: The Couch Talk TV.

  • From Urban News, Politics, to Music and Entertainment News with riveting topics, The Couch platform maintains interest in entertaining perspectives from all social media and YouTube users. Take the opportunity to engage with them on their growing YouTube channel, Couch Talk TV –

You can also play with The Couch on twitch at

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