Press Release: Bcaizm

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

Brad Charles Anthony, better known as Bcaizm, is an American DJ, producer and remixer from New York.

Holding residencies since the beginning of his musical career, Brad lives a very worldly life. With that, he constantly puts his creativity to the test, to harvest that worldly sound in EDM. And that is demonstrated heavily in his new tracks “Keep Me High” and “Boy I Like”.

Both tracks scream with production value and versatility, delving us into a familiar EDM world with an original spin. Both songs encompass a flavor of sound and vibe that is both uplifting and sonic. With catchy hooks to accompany the tracks, there is nothing holding back Bcaizm’s artistic merit in the least.

With today’s modern wave of EDM, we have an open fire of track spillage goodness with both songs. And a mountain of likability factors in every hook and measure in his DJing setup.

You can grab both of these tracks with the links below. We at Artist Reach, can not recommend them highly enough.

Listen to Bcaizm here:

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