Artist Review: JVNIOR’ AMOUX – “The Party’s Over” EP

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

With a sound reminiscent to R&B infused artists like Bone Thugz N’ Harmony from the 90s combined with today’s more mainstream stars of the same caliber, 22-year old rising Australian artist JVNIOR’ AMOUX‘s EP The Party’s Over takes us on a ride of sensuality, versatility and a flow into his ambient sound.

The first set of opening tracks introduce us into a very subtle, yet effective sound. JVNIOR‘s low-range vocals are pure, soothing and multifaceted. His voice really carries the torch along with the immaculate production value and really parallels beautifully with the aura of the overall sound and vibe these songs offer, especially in the title track “The Party’s Over”. A track that really grasps at your attention and delves you deep into JVNIOR‘s signature style that has a tapestry of likability factors and sensuality throughout the song’s structure.

There are a handful of impressive feature artists on this EP, but one that sticks out is “Attention (feat. JahMase)”. A song that really gives vibe a whole new feeling with two voices that compliment each other beautifully. We also get a higher ranged vocal delivery from JVNIOR himself that is astonishing and brilliantly executed. This is one of the EP highlights for sure, and like the song advertises, is one that will definitely grab your attention.

The Party’s Over is a 100% recommendation for any avid fan of prominent R&B with elements of Hip Hop and Soul. Each track is a soothing listen, yet still adds enough charisma to really get your emotions running high. And I know once take a listen yourself, you’ll love this record just as much as we do. It’s one you’ll keep coming back to time and time again.

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