Artist Review: Li Projext – “Lights Off” (Feat. Xtra)

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

From cash, cruisers and colorful cinematography, Li Projext video for his single “Lights Off (feat. Xtra)has it all.

This video is masterfully crafted and very innovative with its style and atmosphere. And it resonates perfectly with the underground Hip Hop signature sound and sensibility that Li Projext delivers with his insatiable charisma and infectious personality both musically and on screen.

Things haven’t always been easy for the rising artist though, and has a past that definitely put him on some learning curves. But since emerging into music, he has hit the ground running and quickly manifested into a promising career in music. And this track definitely reflects that.

Between the voices and images that come from both Li Projext and feature artist Xtra, both rappers bring this video to life. Every verse brings out witty lyricism and a versatile take on Hip Hop that is energetic and creative. Tackling a rhyming style that goes above and beyond the average 16-bars style, “Lights Off” demonstrates a unique and versatile approach that gives identity to Li Projext and his niche of the Hip Hop caliber.

If you’re looking for the next underground banger with elements of mainstream tied perfectly together, then this well shot and colorful video is your draft pick. It’ll definitely entice you to check out more of Li Projext‘ catalogue. And you’ll definitely understand just how relevant and magnetic he really is.

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