Artist Review: Bryson Briight – “Lover” EP

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

The best thing about discovering an artist is delving into their craft and finding something that really makes them shine. We get a brilliant demonstration of exactly that with Bryson Briight‘s Lover EP.

Lover has a wide variety of likability factors, and they’re not hard to spot. This EP is a comprised collection of hypnotic tracks that serve up indie rock elements with ambience and atmospheric moods. It’s a versatile blend and really brings a modern twist to a familiar sound that has become iconic in the last decade.

One of the best parts of this EP is the signature style and authenticity that Briight brings to the surface. He offers up something different in each track, but you can still tell it’s the same artist. His multifaceted songwriting style allows a different wave of production value and instrumental approaches to take place, which really helps articulate Briight‘s sound and really shows a different angle of each musicianship factor he puts in every song.

And that’s what makes Lover a standout of its kind — it has an uncanny ability to keep you interested and intrigued, all the while maintaining a consistent sound that comes at you from different directions. He encompasses great melody choices with his vocal range, dynamically crafted guitar riffs, and a thriving rhythm section that is punchy and tight. It’s definitely an EP that showcases very carefully pieced-together songs, and many rock elements with today’s more modern production twists.

If you’re itching to discover a record that is interesting, intelligent and down-to-earth, Bryson Briight‘s Lover hits it out of the park. This will be one of your favorite discoveries before the year is out.

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