Press Release: Klef Mikaydo Drops His New Club Single “Showtime”

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

Catchy, rhythmic and designated to turn any club into a hotspot, LA-based artist Klef Mikaydo proves with his new single “Showtime” that things are heating up nicely.

If you don’t know Klef, you’re missing out. He’s not just any artist, he’s an authentic creator and entrepreneur in the world of music and works completely independently. His insatiable passion for music and grinding with the proper legwork has set a massive stage for the rising artist, and continues to show promise with this new self-produced single, which will be releasing through his own label Elitestar Empire.

“Showtime” is the perfect distinctive mix between a club Hip Hop banger and a smooth R&B anthem. His voice is very controlled, his lyrical content is very versatile and his image fits the role perfectly.

This song is definitely dedicated to the LA party scene and all those who are out for a good time. The good vibes and good nature in this song captivates the listener with well placed vocal melodies and an intro that’ll leave you anticipated, all stirred up into a solid mix of the perfect blend of sing-songy stylistic Hip Hop and authentic elements of R&B. You really can’t go wrong with this track, it’s a perfected chemistry.

This single provides a subtle yet upbeat tempo that keeps the gears grinding and the floor moving, and it never ceases to keep you interested. It has that underground feel with today’s mainstream sensibility and really gives a shoutout to the club scene and partygoers in a way that isn’t cheesy or outdated. Klef maintains solid ground with this song and it’s definitely one for the books in his career as an artist and producer. You’ll be enticed to delve deeper into his catalogue and keep tabs on what he has up his sleeves in the shortcoming and beyond.

This track is for anyone and everyone that truly appreciates a feel-good party track. “Showtime” officially drops on November 2nd and will be available on all digital music retailers, streaming platforms, as well as Elitestar Empire. Mark your calendars for this one!

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