Artist Review: Jamie Sparks – “It’s Christmas Time (Miracle Beat Boy Remix)” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Inspirational, soulful and holiday spirited, highly acclaimed Canadian R&B/Soul artist Jamie Sparks makes our emotions run high with his influential single “It’s Christmas Time.”

You can’t go wrong with a powerful voice like Jamie Sparks. He has soul, passion and the perfect vocal range to articulate the best music the R&B genre has to offer, and he does exactly that in this single.

The production value encompasses Jamie‘s voice in a way that makes him effective, charismatic and a vital voice for today’s more modern R&B/Soul Music, all the while staying true to the genre’s roots and the iconic artists that have made it what it is today. “It’s Christmas Time” is a perfect example of combining today’s modern realm with yesterday’s classics. His voice soars in this song with beautifully placed melodies, catchy hooks and harmonies that’ll sing to your soul. The message in the song is very spiritual and uplifting, and will leave anyone who listens to this song with raw emotion and a glistening feeling of the holiday season.

The band behind the voice presents a very authentic style and showcases endless likability and musicianship factors that make this song an absolute gem. Jamie Sparks is known for many award winning releases, and he proves with this song that it’s a perfect addition to his discography and legacy. It’s amazingly crafted, versatile, and really entices you to delve deeper into more of Jamie Sparks‘ catalogue if this is your first time discovering him.

“It’s Christmas Time” is the perfect R&B-infused song for the holidays and you’ll be absolutely amazed with Jamie Sparks‘ vocal range and God given gift of voice. This song will be lifting your spirits from the very first listen.

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