Artist Highlight: Slim Reaper

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

Born in Denver, raised in Israel and currently based in New York, Slim Reaper is a resurgent lyricist and boom bap revivalist.

Drawing inspiration from rappers like MF DOOM, Nas and Earl Sweatshirt, Slim uses complex rhymes and unique imagery to flow confidently and tell personal stories. His debut EP “RiP to the PEACEFUL (me)” focuses on battling demons, overcoming complacency and confronting your worst tendencies. The EP’s producers (DJ Eionz and Yugs) use a variety of unique and melodic beats to provide the perfect backdrop for Slim’s narrative ability. Each track captures a different mood and keeps you thinking as you bump along. At 18 minutes long, “RiP to the PEACEFUL (me)” stays concise while still conveying a powerful message.

Take the chance to check out this artist while he’s still on the come-up!

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