Artist Review: Phylea Carley – “Out Of Love” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Charismatic, soulful and undeniably catchy, Phylea Carley heats up the dance floor with her newest hypnotic and bass-driven track “Out Of Love”.

Phylea, the first female House Music artist on the island of Jamaica, delivers up a track that showcases yesterday’s and today’s danceable signature sound that is vibrant, energetic and unwaveringly infectious with its catchy hooks. Her voice has the perfect range to articulate her take on the House Music genre, and “Out Of Love” is a brilliant song that brings out the best of her vocal approach and structure.

Phylea, who garners inspiration from other industry heavyweights including Robin S. Crystal Waters, Cece Peniston, Barbera Tucker among many others, puts together some of the most effective vocal melody choices in the forefront of this song that makes it a standout of its caliber. The bass-driven nature is very rhythmic, heart pounding and has a hypnotic and ethereal feel throughout the song’s duration. It shares elements of the 80s wave of disco and today’s more innovative House and Bass sensibilities that gives “Out Of Love” an authentic balance that is well executed, brilliantly produced and vocally intact. Every measure is strong and doesn’t hold back from its visceral vibes and really puts Phylea in a very bright spotlight. Her presence is very apparent and is impossible to go unnoticed from this track’s beginning to end.

Phylea Carley is definitely a fine gem among today’s electronically infused styles, and “Out Of Love” will definitely leave you with an everlasting impression of her vocal and artistic merit. Her likability factors are front and center throughout this track, and she definitely knows how to make her presence known.

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