Artist Review: Montaz – “Da Underground” Mixtape

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

It’s extremely rare that an artist with a captivating lyrical style comes out swinging the way Montaz does on his newest mixtape Da Underground.

Montaz is not your typical rapper, he’s a naturally gifted writer as well with his own signature sound and stylization. Embracing a style that touches on old school Rap and spoken word, Montaz‘s lyrical flow emphasizes very compelling lyrical narratives that resonate in a way that just puts you at the edge of your seat and keeps you listening. While taking a more subtle vocal approach that is more clear and crisp, it doesn’t take away from the dynamically executed content that he puts together throughout every bar and measure.

This mixtape has an array of beat structures that are ominous, theatrical and impressively versatile. From haunting rhythms and bass droppers that really put an edge to his sound, Da Underground explores many different beat methods that allows Montaz to showcase every angle of his lyrical style. The mixtape is very charismatic and identifiable in many ways, but always has that signature touch that he puts on each song no matter what approach is taken. And it’s that type of consistency that really makes Da Underground the gem that it really is. It ties together a brilliant chemistry of many ingredients and additives that Montaz makes use of in all the right places. And the ominously haunting style is very visceral and hypnotizing, especially when played in its entirety.

Da Underground touches on several musicianship factors today’s contemporary Hip Hop doesn’t, and diligently stands out in its own way that really gives Montaz his own sound that is both original and relatable. This is a record to listen to before the year is out, or perhaps make it your new year’s resolution. Either way, Da Underground is a mixtape with its own flavors and really leaves you completely impressed in the end. And on top of being an artist, Montaz would also be a successful ghostwriter as well. This is the guy you want involved in your writing process, he brings new elements to the table that could make an enormous impact on the future of Hip Hop.

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