Exclusive Review: Hei$enberg – “Bad Chick” Single

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

An artist like Hei$enberg isn’t just a diamond in the rough, he’s the type that will shine bright even among other gems in the gallery. And one of his more-than-noticeable demonstrations of this is with his hit single “Bad Chick”, a track that is charismatic enough to retain relevance in today’s mainstream scene, but with a whole lot more punch and wit than one could ever expect.

This track’s ambient intro serves up a solitude that leaves us anticipated and overwhelmed until those verses come in. With backing vocal tracks complimenting each clever rhyme and wordsmithy magic touch as the verses play out, the next-level beat comprises itself with extra punch and versatility that is impossible to go unnoticed; it’s something that will easily stick in your head.

The structure of this track, though well-paced and formulaic, plays it safely throughout each measure. Which is perfectly fine, given the multifaceted nature of the song’s unique approach and mesh of Rap & Hip Hop styles that stay true to their anthemic quality. It’s a club banger that will definitely turn some heads and heals on the dance floor without any cause for concern or change of pace; “Bad Chick” fits right in, cordially and contagiously.

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