Exclusive Review: Bloom – “Don’t You Cry” Single

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

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As a young kid who had an insatiable knack for poetry and found his foundation of writing it in his younger years, Hip Hop recording artist Bloom eventually manifested into a dynamic lyricist with plenty of passion to instill his motivation to create quality music as a means to inspire people – the way poetry and music inspired him. Since coming out of the gate, Bloom has been putting out singles to get a buzz going, and one of those singles is his thoughtful and positive track “Don’t You Cry”.

A song about the prospects of being a good father to his child in this sometimes parentless world, this song can relate to anyone who has children and understands how crucial it is to give your own child the love and tenderness they need to have a quality upbringing, as well as having that irreplaceable bond as family. This thoughtful Hip Hop track is a great breath of fresh air and really dives deep into the positive themes this song surrounds itself with. Bloom‘s clever rhyming techniques are vibrant and utilize a great story-telling method that gets you to see (and hear) his perspective up close and personal. It’s uplifting, message driven, and resonates with important family issues that are going on in the world and giving the positive angle a very effective spotlight.

Bloom‘s mid-range voice is soothing and has the perfect subtlety to parallel the song’s themes and flow as the verses continue to tell the story throughout the track’s duration. His stylish bars and rhythmic vocals carry the torch on this song and really encompasses an atmosphere of comfort. His mic skills are apparent from beginning to end and really explores his multifaceted nature throughout each measure. But best of all, the song has staying power – the ability to stay with you even after the song is over.

Bloom is an exceptional up and coming artist and is currently working on his music constantly to continue to make a solid name for himself, as well as getting his positive messages out there for his audience to connect with. This is an artist you won’t wanna miss out on, and you’ll be very impressed from the very first time you give him a listen.

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