Exclusive Review: BRDLY – “Afraid” Single

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art of BRDLY’s single “Afraid”

Widely regarded and identified as a Hip Hop recording artist, BRDLY‘s single “Afraid” is one of those R&B gems that truly showcases other angles of his talent as well as his artistic merit through his vocal ability as a singer. With smooth vocal textures and atmospheric moods throughout this song’s duration, “Afraid” is proof that BRDLY‘s stylistic sound is nowhere near limited to one designated genre of music.

With subtle synths playing their role as a backdrop to this song’s aura, BRDLY gets the perfect opportunity to shine like a star right out in the forefront as his clean vocal melodies are showcased through his passion, versatility and multifaceted lyrical nature. With vocal melody choices that diligently express precision and flow, BRDLY‘s natural gift of utilizing his voice effectively is heavily present and sustainable from beginning to end, and really encapsulates his musicianship factors in a way that raises the bar for the average R&B approach. This is definitely R&B the way it’s meant to be.

“Afraid” is the type of song that has unwavering staying power – the power to stay with you even after the song is over and entices the desire to give it a re-listen several times. It has top-of-the-line production value that never outdoes itself, wittiness and charm that has unrelenting passion, and more talent than you could ever ask for in a solo R&B song. BRDLY is definitely an artist that will easily make it onto your playlist favorites. The single is currently available on YouTube, Spotify and other digital music streaming platforms.

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