Exclusive Review: Hanzo Slayer – “New Coupe” Single

Coming straight outta the Hip Hop centerfold of the Bronx, I already knew we were in for a treat. Combining a comprised indie sound utilizing classical guitar arpeggios and a feel of authenticity in the beat’s artistic merit, Bronx-borough Hip Hop juggernaut Hanzo Slayer completely slays it on his track “New Coupe” with some fresh vibes and takes his DIY levels to new heights. And for a plethora of good reasons.

Starting off with subtle acoustic guitar work with anthemic value behind the framework, you get the feeling that just about anything could happen. Will this flop? Is this just a gimmicky play on instrumentation? HELL NO. This track comes out swinging right from the jump and truly encompasses that BX feeling that NYC Hip Hop is known and renowned for. Projecting a more chill, subtle and sing-songy vibe at the forefront, this indie style lyric video really keeps you encapsulated and invested into the hooks and bars that Hanzo puts forth as his versatile flow begins to manifest. When drawing comparisons though, all I can really say is Hanzo‘s fresh flow is a perfect mix of yesterday and today’s more nostalgic heavy hitters in the game – and never lets up on his versatility.

Speaking of that, Hanzo‘s versatile style is multifaceted, multilayered and never leaves a stone unturned when it comes to ceasing the opportunity to impress you with his naturally gifted flow. For a song that most would argue is fairly underproduced, most others would easily rebut you that it’s perhaps the best part of the entire concoction; no auto tune, no plugins, no unnecessary theatrics and no fratty antics whatsoever. Just authenticity and natural talent – the prime ingredients Hip Hop has abandoned awhile ago, but not Hanzo Slayer. He’s keeping it real fresh, and he’ll be one of those underground hood rappers that’ll be battling about who discovered him first.

“New Coupe” is currently available now on Spotify, YouTube, and several other digital music streaming platforms. Be the first to grab this track so you can also be the first to say you discovered Hanzo Slayer first.


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