Press Release: Emerging Artist Activate Gears Up For His Debut Album Release For “Poetic Rhetoric” New Years Day 2021

Fitness buff and Cali-bred powerhouse Jeremy Montesano has been a solid, heavy presence in the Santa Cruz scene as an athletic trainer and anything within the spectrum. Now, pushing his limits even further into the fray and putting down the weights for the just-as-powerful mic, Jeremy (under stage name Activate) has been hitting the ground running since grasping the studio grind and since then has been proving to the masses around him that this critical move is more than just a smart one, but a pivotal one as well. And best part is, Activate has already activated his ambitious career with a full throttle by putting together a juggernaut debut album of 20 highly versatile tracks with a plethora of notable feature artists, explorations of artistic merit, several lyricist angles and so much more all wrapped up into one massive musical 20-track concoction‘Poetic Rhetoric’.

‘Poetic Rhetoric’, which delves deeply through several chapters of musical anthems, uniquely showcases Activate‘s vocal flow as a solid freshness comprised of yesterday’s old school Hip Hop components that solidified the indie Hip Hop edge we’ve all come to know (and love) throughout countless years, all while adding a modern twist that dynamically blends with today’s more prominent heavyweights in the Rap game; all with his own versatility and multifaceted nature molded into his own self reflective sculpture that stands tall, historic and unforgettable. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Activate‘s upcoming debut record, among other facets in the musical spectrum his approach encapsulates.

With naturally jammy percussive edges as opposed to overproduced beat structures and over compressed plugins, this album’s natural approach right from the jump gives this record a vibe that is authentic and real; omitting any kind of frat try antics or mumble rap formulas. Even his track “Between The Lines” utilizes a beat that encompasses a rendition of a classic like Moonlight Sonata, and is actually used tastefully rather than just placed as a gimmick of familiarity or a sense of revamping something. All in all, Activate is coming out swinging on the very first day of 2021 with ‘Poetic Rhetoric’ and you will be blown away that this is a debut album. Activate‘s lyricism is witty, his mid-to-high range flow is undeniably versatile and his signature sound touches on equal parts originality and familiarity; giving the listener a taste of something fresh yet still identifiable.

This will be one of the most notable Hip Hop bangers coming out the gate once New Years Day comes around, as well as 2021 altogether. “Poetic Rhetoric” releases to the masses on January 1st and will be available on Spotify, Apple Music, and several other digital music streaming platforms as well. You’ll also be reading an updated version of this article by then as well, to make sure you don’t forget. Because trust us, this record is one you also won’t forget. Get ready to hear Activate‘s artist name much more often when 2021 rolls around.

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