Exclusive Review: King Khan – “Clown Party” & “Shah Kumar Shanu” Singles

Hailing from the Toronto metropolitan area of Canada, bridging from being a 3-year tenure SoundCloud DJ to transforming his creativity side to founding indie label (Al Mahal Records) since the pandemic swept through the landscapes, eclectic/performance & electronic indie artist King Khan seems to have been through so,e twists and turns to get where he is now – which is a diligent work in progress comprised of many facets to who he is an artist to what his signature sound as a musician. And boy, it’s quite a story that is in the midst of being told, but nowhere near finished. We’re a few chapters in, if anything, but intriguing nonetheless.

Delving into King‘s first single, “Clown Party”, I must give the song credit for its atmospheric presence throughout the grungy synth expression that takes place uniquely through equal and at-times thorough parts of randomness, as well as the almost slapstick kind of way that can’t help but encompass you in what could possibly be serious expression or downright humor. Either way. You truly feel an insatiable intrigue to get to know who King Khan is, musically or not. You want to pull the mask off and really meet the creator who dared to put out such a daring and unwavering piece of art; as simple and at-times isolated it can be. Either part way, this track’s content and aura gives you a very truthful atmosphere; there’s a clown party – and you’re invited.

Moving on to the more noisy and hypnotic “Shah Kumar Sanu”, we hear a vast potential of monolithic ideas if there was more going on. With such high range melodies along with vocal ideas that creatively scream out to bring its versatility to the forefront, the musical omissions of this track is almost tragic. It almost makes you wanna steal the master copy of this single and hand it to a drummer like Danny Carry or a vocalist like Sia; all while lending free reign ground work like Primus bassist Les Claypool (holy hell would a lineup that would be.) This song is an explosion of artistic expression with the potential of such musical precision and togetherness when the ingredients are brought into the room in a double wrapped grocery bag. Again, another tragic and expressive laundry list of potential that is just arm’s length from something genius, but not just quite there. But there nonetheless.

King Khan can lay down a very very stilt foundation, and that is without question. But more needs to be afoot here. More components, collaborations and multifaceted minds coming together. Both of these singles absolutely scream for it. If I lived close by, watch what I, myself a multi musician, could do with the artistic merit these tracks give off. And that’s the direction you need – like minded thinkers to bring this brilliance to fruition. Both “Clown Party” and “Shah Kumar Sanu” are currently available on Spotify, Apple Music and several other digital music streaming streaming platforms. And despite its unwavering need for something more in the ingredients, these tracks need to be heard and understood. Musically, spiritually, meaningfully and genuinely.


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