Exclusive Review: The Big Mackoofy – “The Time Travelers” Single

Since The Big Mackoofy has been putting out a plethora of releases, especially since his debut 2016 album, the sound and change has been very apparent, versatile and evolving. Now with new 2020 releases under the belt, the entity is back again with more intricacy and indie-type feel with the same appeasing components of any contemporary music listener.

The Big Mackoofy definitely a big presence; something you’d expect by the artist name itself, but the musical brilliance absolutely parallels it and really sheds light on the artistic merit of the overall signature sound. There are upbeat grooves, above average progressions and melodies, as well as versatile vocal textures with endless multifaceted components that get singles like “The Time Travelers” the authenticity and precision it deserves. It’s a uniquely indie sound with a much more highly tour-de-force complex with cruising drums, solid bass tones and interesting instrumental blends of many facets.

“The Time Travelers”, definitely has a futuristic aura when it comes to its thematic namesake and has so many integrated and innovative blends that really captivate the listener. The ambient guitars with chorus touches really set the tone of the song. The synth and samples are accurately placed and not overdone by any means, they serve multiple purposes and utilize several low-to-higher techniques that really puts the soul into over drive. For a song so busy (which can be hit or miss), “The Time Travelers” definitely bring us on a futuristic journey into insatiable skill and the tightness of a group element.

Now onto “The Return of the Lady of the Night”. This primarily-instrumental funky number (with occasional whispers) has a very nostalgic array of swaying moods that ascend and descend beautifully when brought to the forefront. The spacey and at-times keyboard/synth builds are a very clever additive and is almost impossible to go unnoticed. The gorgeous woodsy guitar tones really introduce this song diligently and let each instrumental component lead its way in with both subtlety and ambiguity. But regardless, you never get that “hit or miss” feeling. Just solid drum textures that familiarize and middle ground. And even with a vast amount of instruments playing their very crucial roles, the acoustic guitar melodies still drive the way no matter what direction you think this song is going. It’s another adventure for the ears and i wouldn’t mind hearing an entire record with this kind of thematic instrumental concept.

Both of these songs scream with sheer brilliance and would make one hell of a live show experience (screw you COVID until then). So in the meantime, you can pick up these two singles on prominent platforms like Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, and several other digital music streaming platforms. We can’t recommend it enough.


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