Exclusive Review: Dejhare – “Do What You Gotta Do” Single

When it comes to doin’ it right, it’s Dance/R&B and Pop starlet Dejhare‘s “Do What You Gotta Do”. A hard hitting and bassy track that could easily tear the roof off any club atmosphere.

Dejhare‘s hypnotically mid-to-high vocal structures are strong from the jump, but can also be subtle when necessary. The song itself is exotic, passionate and throughout its duration puts a gradual buildup as the measures fly forward. Utilizing very bassy, rhythmic techniques as its foundation, this song is impossible not to sway your hips to. It’s versatile, multifaceted, sensual and wrapped up in some of the highest energy and drive this genre has ever graced its production value on.

And the boldness of Dejhare‘s vocal precision is what really puts the cherry on top of this solid hit track. While there are many artists out there with a similar calibre or genre attempting, Dejhare truly has a stylization that she makes completely her own. Her versatile vocal style is on point and resonates beautifully with the energy of the song and really keeps an integrated balance between equal parts originality and familiarity; giving the listener a taste of something new, tasty, but still instilled with that old school vibe that got genres like this off the ground in the first place.

If music were a woman, then “Do What You Gotta Do” is your ultimate crush. This is one of those tracks that really grab you at your centerpiece. Prepare to dance the night away with this one.


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