Exclusive Review: Dixon Rose – “One More Chance” Single

As an artist just coming out of the gate, it’s alt/rockers like Dixon Rose that truly hit the ground running. His well put-together progressions and love for Les Paul tones really shine on his debut single “One More Chance”, a song that beautifully showcases his songwriting structure and technique, as well as his execution of putting out a ridiculously catchy song.

With a signature sound reminiscent of industry heavyweights like 3 Doors Down, Stone Sour, touches of Aerosmith and other artists of a similar calibre, “One More Chance” truly touches on a plethora of factors that fall in line with ingredients that perfectly touch on equal parts originality and familiarity; giving the listener a chance to hear something fresh yet still identifiable. His simple yet technical verses give his mid-vocal range a nice free reign to explore excellent melody structures and lyrical techniques. With a great pre-chorus build up, the actual chorus of this track truly hits hard and comes out more anthemic than any average chorus. It’s an explosive one with monumental and natural vocal harmonies that completely encompass Dixon‘s talent with both his writing skills and performance value. Its the perfect climax for any song that has build-ups with verses and truly makes the song worth putting on repeat just for the chorus alone.

“One More Chance” is a beyond-solid debut and is a perfect showcase of Dixon Rose‘s heart for music. His natural persona with bone crushing guitar tones really add signature touches to this song that others rarely do. It has staying power; the power to keep you coming back to listen to this track over and over again. It has all the right rock elements to make this debut single a true anthem as opposed to a “demo” or project. “One More Chance” shows direction, and for Dixon Rose, it’s a very promising one. This is a must-listen in every way.


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