Exclusive Artist Review: Blow_flyy – “Bleed 4 You” Single

With ambience and swagger concocted into one heavy track, Canadian Hip Hip pioneer Blow_flyy blows us out of the water once again with his newest banger “Bleed 4 You”. While the rapper has been making many moves over the last year during the pandemic, this track truly pushes him to the top of his game.

This track goes hard. With a nostalgic and melodic chorus leading this track into some in-your-face dynamic hooks and bars, “Bleed 4 You” sets a precedent for R&B elements to mesh nicely with hard hitting songs such as this one, which isn’t heard very often in today’s modern Rap era. With a swaggering beat that ties both Rap and R&B elements together diligently, Blow_flyy completely goes all out on this track and keeps his carefully crafted measures cleverly witty and versatile. His flow grabs you by the throat and demands your attention – and he never lets up, leaving you with verses comprised of eye-opening subject matter and wordsmithy skills that tie it all into one juggernaut of a concoction.

Most notably though is the subtleties that appear in all the right places. There’s ambience and sensuality, hard hitting vocal delivery with multifaceted angles, and everything in between to make “Bleed 4 You” the true banger it really is. Canada’s Hip Hop scene has definitely brought gems to the forefront lately, and Blow_flyy is one of them. No matter what era of Hip Hop gets your mind going and juices flowing, this track is definitely for you. We have a feeling Blow_flyy is gonna dominate 2021, and this single is direct evidence of that.

“Bleed 4 You” is available now on Spotify, Apple Music, Spotify, Audiomack, and several other digital music streaming platforms.


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