Exclusive Artist Review: Echolily – “Under The Clocks (Stay)” Single

If you’re yearning for hypnotic vibes, dreamlike vocal melodies and brilliant musicianship factors, then Echolily will become your new spirit animal.

Hailing from the landscapes of Melbourne in Australia, musician/producer Echolily has been conjuring up a signature style that is ambient, versatile and artistically driven. The female rising artist’s new single “Under The Clocks (Stay)” is like an addictive drug without the downward spiral; you’ll never stay away and you’ll find yourself craving more of what Echolily is offering. It’s an atmospheric collection of measures that delves deeply into her artistic merit and truly showcases her songwriting structures and production techniques. Utilizing a hypnotically melodic EDM/electronic & Synth-Pop approach, Echolily‘s experimental techniques lay a very impressionable foundation to this song and really grabs your attention with her attentiveness to detail. The track has several multi layers but never outdoes itself in any way. It is calculated and carefully structured, putting together a series of measures that touch on balance and composure to guide us through the song’s duration.

The production value is right where it needs to be and doesn’t rely on shock factor or cliched studio theatrics to deliver a solid finished product. “Under The Clocks (Stay)” is masterfully executed and holds nothing back when it comes to making room for wholesomeness. It’s a song that you need to hear to believe and it’ll definitely entice you to dive deeper into Echolily‘s discography and career. The single is available now on Spotify, Apple Music, DistroKid and several other digital music streaming platforms. Echolily is bound to leave an impression on you and this track is direct evidence.


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