Exclusive Artist Review: Soul Digger – “Marathon” Single

Polish rapper Soul Digger has been mastering his craft with the art of Hip Hop over the last several years, but only recently started bringing his career to fruition. Known for his very versatile rhyming style, the rising artist has been grinding in the studio putting together tracks that he believes will make him a vital voice in the world of Hip Hop. And with the release of his most recent single “Marathon”, Soul Digger proves that he is exactly that.

Utilizing a beat that is hauntingly ominous and effective, Soul Digger serves up a signature sound that is multifaceted and nostalgic; diligently combining crucial elements of old school Hip Hop and today’s more modern sensibility. Co-produced with prominent music producer Jaca, this collaborative track effectively showcases Soul Digger’s musicianship factors and artistic merit. His distinctive bars are coherently crafty and really delivers a visceral listening experience. His clever lyrical outbursts have almost a theatrical story-telling approach that keeps your undivided attention very focused on the content at hand. It’s very next-level and truly encapsulates an aura rarely heard in today’s Hip Hop.

This track also has insatiable staying power – where the song stays with you even long after it’s over. It’s an effective first impression that will definitely win over just about any Hip Hop fan that has a passion for the genre. It’s currently available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and several other digital music streaming platforms. It’ll definitely be one of your Hop Hop favorites for 2021.


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