Exclusive Artist Review: R Squared – “Different” EP

Emerging from the prominent Cleveland-based Midwest music scene, fresh faced Rap group R Squared have quickly began to hit the ground running with their distinctively catchy and innovative signature sound. Comprised of rising Rappers Khizzy and Robishbob, the duo has put together a debut EP of brilliantly crafted tracks that effectively showcase their musicianship factors and production value; bringing their artistic merit to the forefront while garnering complete creative freedom and artist independence by self-producing all their material and releasing it through their indie platform R Squared Studios.

Featuring five versatile songs with insatiable catchiness, R Squared’s debut EP, titled ‘Different’, brings a fresh Hip Hop sound to fruition with a futuristic aura that is cleverly executed and lyrically captivating. Opening tracks “Different View” and “Crooked” diligently combine nostalgic 90s vibes with a modern twist that puts R Squared into a calibre that is completely their own; balancing equal parts originality and familiarity to give their audience a taste of something fresh yet still identifiable. Both tracks effectively showcase both rappers with their wordsmithy tactics and duel verses that compliment each other throughout the songs’ durations. Subsequent songs “Who Am I” and “For It All” however serve up a much more modernized approach with innovative beat structures and lyrical intellect. The beats are hauntingly ominous and hypnotically visceral, enhancing the listening experience from the very moment each rapper distinctively demonstrates their multifaceted and multi layered flow through every measure. These tracks in particular really delve into the musical identity of R Squared and the undeniable versatility that is displayed throughout the EP’s duration. Closing track “Vision” ties the record together and shines a spotlight on their signature style. It’s anthemic, atmospheric and really reaches new heights in today’s more contemporary market. You can hear both artists truly deliver exceptional songwriting structures and really bring their best A-game to the project without outshining one another. The unique lyrical bars on this song have a powerful intellectual presence that is seldom heard in today’s world of Hip Hop. The sound is collective and shares equal grounds when it comes to showcasing both artist’s strengths, which truly helps deliver an EP that is a standout in its own right.

For a debut EP, R Squared sets the bar high and delivers up a finished product that will easily exceed expectations. It showcases several angles of both artists in a way that shines a spotlight on both their individual abilities as well as their collective ones. You can listen to the record now on SoundCloud, YouTube and several other digital music platforms. ‘Different’ will easily become one of your favorites in 2021’s Hip Hop spectrum.


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