Exclusive Artist Review: Anya – “Won’t Be Broken” Single

When it comes to Anya’s anthemic and wholesome signature sound, very few artists could hold a candle to her. The Denver-based singer/songwriter’s musicianship factors and artistic merit has no borders or boundaries and really encapsulates her natural talent in a way that is authentic and multifaceted. She has only emerged onto the market recently, but has unquestionably made an insatiable everlasting impression on just about anyone that has heard her craft. And that has manifested in the form of her debut single, “Won’t Be Broken”. A powerful and anthemic tune that truly showcases several crucial angles of Anya’s vocal ability and really delivers a visceral listening experience to anyone who hears it.

Comprised of a melodic piano-based key signature with a vocal range that is completely next-level in its execution, Anya truly shines on this song and really showcases her ability as a vocalist in a way that is both effective and nostalgic. While you could definitely draw comparisons to her darker Pop sound, “Won’t Be Broken” really brings forth Anya’s balancing of originality and familiarity, giving her audience a taste of something fresh yet still identifiable. It has those tender and passionate verses that build up to a powerful and atmospheric chorus, easily bringing on the goosebumps for anyone who still appreciates those irreplaceable ballads we grew up listening to.

This track undoubtedly showcases Anya’s vocal range, that’s what makes this song the gem it really is. You get a satisfying dose of her talent and she really sets the bar high from the moment the track starts. For her first official release, she hits the ground running completely. You’ll become an instant fan and keep close tabs on her subsequent releases as she continues to build on her promising career. You just won’t go wrong with this song. “Won’t Be Broken” is available now on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and several other digital music streaming platforms. You’ll be more than glad we recommended it.

Listen to the single:

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