Exclusive Artist Review: Nick Duane – “ANYTHING” Single

Hailing from the landscapes of Providence, RI and the surrounding New England scene, eclectic and multifaceted recording artist Nick Duane began hitting the ground running in the music realm over many years and has put together a signature sound that is innovative, creative and a standout of its calibre. He’s an artist that has manifested into his own entity and always proves that he holds his artistic merit in high regard, delivering strong musicianship factors that showcase his performance and songwriting abilities most effectively. And this is heavily apparent with his newest single “ANYTHING”.

His distinctive style has several crucial influences implemented in this track, especially with his vocals that have a brilliant reminiscence of iconic legends like David Bowie. The song itself is very diligently crafted and really serves up an indie/rock feel that is equally nostalgic as well as fresh with its originality. The multi-layered guitars really carry the torch with the track’s strong progressions and the innovative rhythm section is insatiably groovy as well as rhythmic with the clever drum fills and smooth bass lines that cruise from start to finish. When it comes to the vocals, Nick Duane implements a very versatile edge and almost theatrical projection that fits the song’s atmospheric tone just about perfectly. He engages with the listener effectively and proves that his stylistic aura is anything but ordinary. You get a taste of something fresh yet still identifiable – equally balancing the originality and familiarity aspects in a way that will entice you to dive deeper into Nick’s discography and career altogether.

“ANYTHING” is an anthemic single that will intrigue just about anyone that has an affinity for indie rock components with extra twists and turns. It’s a track you need to hear to believe. The single is available now on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and several other digital music streaming platforms. If this is your first time hearing Nick Duane, then prepare to add his music to your top favorites of 2021.


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