Artist Review: NoE – “Outlet” Official Music Video

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

A knack for the cinematic and a master of flow, we get an ideal track and modern-stylized music video from NoE‘s most recent banger “Outlet”.

Right from the start, the video is definitely giving you the action, drama, and suspense. The song gives off that intro that something’s about to go down. And most impressively, you don’t need a 20,000$ set design to make something effective on camera. So I have to give major props to the video’s production value for giving us that edge-of-your-seat feeling.

“Outlet” is another crucial example of today’s line that is drawn between indie and mainstream markets. While the song has a commercially acceptable quality to it, the presentation still feels (and looks) natural and something that isn’t forced. It has a natural flow to the performance value behind the camera and inside the vocal booth.

The video gives us an Aronofski, Tarantino, and perhaps modern day Kubrick feel. Something where the editing gives us the most impact. Where sometimes it’s not what you shoot, it’s how you shoot it. And that’s one of the major centerpieces to both this song and video as it parallels each other perfectly.

NoE‘s mid-ranged vocal tones give off the perfect approach for this track and make it most effective. It’s definitely a banger for the Sony Xplodes and a spin track for your club hotspot. Either way you look at it, this song rides the express line in between commercial success, but still thriving at being a hard working indie artist ready to take the bull by the horns himself and make a career with his music without selling his soul to the industry. And no matter where you see this song going, you’re gonna love it no matter what. And that’s what truly matters.

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Artist Review: Stella Stephney

Review by: Justyn Brodsky & Dave Welsh

If you wanna hear one of the most home-run hitting voices to the heart you’ve heard anytime soon, then Stella Stephney is your draft pick.

When it comes to R&B, Stella is one of the biggest sighs of relief that there are still some artists out there writing and producing the genre the way it was meant to. A genre of sensuality, passion, and unrelenting emotion. And emotion just might be the perfect word to utilize here because Stella Stephney‘s LP Emotional is exactly just that. But then again, so much more to it as well, because the talent factor is far beyond what you’d expect.

With a tender and blissful vibrato that’s soft and soothing, Stella drives this collection of heartwarming tracks forward with dynamic writing structures, a natural vocal approach, and precision with unstoppable likability factors. Her performance on these songs have Whitney and Janet feel to them, but Stella‘s voice is the main defining factor of every track on Emotional.

Her song “I’m Completely Yours” beautifully demonstrates Stella‘s 5-octave vocal range and natural talent. The song caresses you with its vibe, soothing nature, and vocal parts that feel like the best back rub you’ve ever had. It’s immediately apparent that R&B is in good hands with someone like Stella Stephney driving the genre forward, and perhaps bettering it altogether.

Same goes with her other ear-catchy soother, “It’s Funny How I Still Love U”. Another song with production value that beautifully showcases Stella‘s singing ability in the most effective and innovative way. You can tell from start to finish that it’s true passion for the R&B genre that put the perfect takeoff and landing grounds for this album. And even though she’s been singing since age 5…the true soul of music is what really makes Stella Stephney shine on every track of Emotional.

We can’t stress enough how beautifully talented this artist is. If you’re into a R&B the way it was meant to be, then Stella Stephney is going to be on your shelf of favorites.

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Artist Review: Ross Campbell with the Fat Band – “Super Circuit Man”

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

If James, Brown, Pink Floyd and The Polyphonic Spree had surrogate sons, they would be Ross Campbell with the Fat Band.

Their multi-genre & Funk Rock track “Super Circuit Man” is a clever accumulation of choir-style vocals that build on a fresh funk sound with dynamically precise Rock elements. This is a track that is very difficult to fit into a specific genre. It’s more like a delicious stew, with additives of ingredients, creating something very tasty with plenty to go around.

And that could be a good way to describe this song—you won’t go hungry. Ambient guitar solo? Check. Catchy multi-vocalized melodies? Check. Surprises around every corner? Absolutely. This is definitely something you haven’t heard quite yet, even though you can hear some very crucial  influences. This however, does not effect their originality or versatility. It captures a brilliance that keeps you paying very close to detail.

The production quality is right where it needs to be. While the vocals are more of a chanting-stylized effort, the musicianship wraps itself around the entirety of the song and really lets the foreground stay open to almost any possibility. Something that really gives you a chance to hear the detail for what it really is, and the talent that exceeds your expectations.

Best thing to do is to give this one a listen. It’s a relentlessly crafty song that really takes your body and mind for a spin. Give it a listen and see (as well as hear) for yourself.

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Artist Review: Julia Rose – “Touch My Body” Official Music Video

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Think of Katy Perry and Alanis Morissette cross breeding, and you get the charismatic and catchy touch of  Julia Rose.

Her single “Touch My Body”  (accompanied by a very dynamic and colorful Music Video) is not only something recognizably lovable with the genre it fits in, but has the perfect balance between 90s classic Pop sound and today’s sensibility wrapped up into one tasty package. 

She really sustains an amazing aura, not just with her movements and ability of being in front of the camera, but in her vocal approach as well. Her range is perfect for a song like this and it even offers up a bridge and breakdown with a middle-eastern influence as well. It’s almost like Pop Culture shock, but that’s perhaps one of the most lovable parts about the production value and song altogether.

Julia Rose plays a very colorful and sensual role in this video, but also shows a very merciless side to herself with her knack for keeping things rough and moving forward effectively as the song plays on. The concept, though a simple one, is beautifully executed, and gives you that Aronofski feeling after watching the video. 

The back drops are kept simple, but I am more than certain that it was intended completely. The characters in this video also grasp onto a type of lighting that makes everything cinematic, effective, and unique with the talent in the cutting room. The editing is on-point and parallels with the song extremely well. Which is another captivating and defining factor to the entire vibe being placed right in front of you.

Overall, in my opinion, there’s no way you could dislike this song or video. It has that modern edge-of-your-seat feel while a perfectly mid-ranged Julia Rose encompasses you with her commercial-worthy vocal melodies and brilliant vocal tones that perfectly match her sensibility of combining beauty, edge, sexuality and sensuality. This is strictly candy for the eyes and ears.

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Artist Review: Aaron Berin- “Connected” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

If you want 80’s influenced reverb-cranked post production and very smooth European-style mid-to-high range vocals, then Aaron Beri is your man.

The soul and R&B soundtrack to Beri‘s childhood heavily influenced his own musical style, as the album’s delicious ballads, filled with emotional lyrics, and impressive harmonies, add a modern twist to a sound reminiscent of 80s classics.

With great musicianship quality driving this song forward, we get a softer end of rock with Beri‘s well-received single“Connection” from his current LP Avalanche. A very melodic and catchy song that renders a powerful chorus after many buildups leading up to it. 

It’s definitely ballad-oriented, a great laid back track with some very inspirational and well crafted lyrical measures. But no matter what, I still think the main defining quality of this song is definitely the brilliant yet simple impact from the chorus. The melody in particular that’s not just performed well, but appropriately placed in the song’s measures that solidifies the song’s impact to the best of its potential. 

Aaron Beri, though most recently has been living in Australia, originally hails from Europe and will be heading back there to officially release Avalanche. And you can also tell just from his versatility that he’s well-traveled, well-spoken, and gathers his writing inspirations from his experiences from different cultures and his experiences. There’s a lot offered up from his well put-together release, Avalanche. And I believe this is definitely a song you will definitely love this song; a song that perfectly demonstrates the character and backbone to a brilliant artist.

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Artist Review: Ace Drucci – “Instagram Model feat. Yung Fatt” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Smile for a selfie. Nothing beats a beat banger with integrations of Ozzy Osbourne with a social media-themed song title.

Ace Drucci‘s most recent EP release of Money & Power has had a powerful street buzz, including his hot poppin single “Instagram Model”. Something very hard-hitting, and straight to the point with its dynamics and Post-production plugin fun that every producer loves to have. 

But seriously, this beat with the lyrical flow in the forefront perfectly compliments each other. Which is a very hard chemistry project in today’s mainstream side of Hip Hop. It almost brings you back to the “snap music” phase, but is way more clever and enticing.

Drucci encompasses us in this track with his very smooth but driven mid-ranged voice, and I believe that’s one of the charismatic and innovative parts to this artist that makes his addition to the mainstream sound more entertaining. Because, like it or not, what we hear on BET and Top 100 Radio really has me doing something along the lines of #SMH. 

That’s why we need more guys like Ace Drucci, to fill in the blanks. To throw aside the wreckage and garner a presence that can change the game not just for himself, but for the genre as well, and the prospect of its future. So what do I think of “Instagram Model”? Go take a listen, then a selfie, and let that smile do its thang.

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Artist Review: S-EM-C – “On The Go” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

I always tip my hat to females that can rhyme. This is another one of those moments in whole.

With drive, charisma, untouchable production value and a made-for-industry approach, there’s no question that female Rapper on the rise S-EM-C‘s “On The Go” is ready to go straight to the top.

She’s a trifecta of her own; from looks, brains and personality. She doesn’t need to try to pull a Trina, Kim, or Nicki anytime soon. The best is a fresh banger and has a universal authenticity when it comes to where this song is most appropriate. You can use this song to test out your new Sony Xplodes,  spin this at your club hotspot, or just simply put your headphones in (preferably: Skull Candy if you own a pair) and indulge in one of those songs that stays with you even after the track is over.

“On The Go” has a great classic multilayered chorus that brings power to the song’s overall execution. And the verses have a flow that keeps you fascinated enough to bring the chorus back to the structure each time she brings out her witty and clever lyrical approach.

And that’s what this song is about to me — flow and fascination. Defining factors of what can keep a song on its feet, or flop from its starting point. But this song emphasizes so much more than just being on your feet, this one has you cruisin’, and giving you another brilliant taste of what females can bring out when holding the mic.

So make no mistake, this a cooker that brings the heat, and the fascination that keeps you on your feet. Either way, “On The Go” is quite the treat. 

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