Exclusive Review: The Breaks The Beat – “This Town & The Next” Album/LP

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art of “This Town & The Next”

Renowned for their acoustic, electric and eclectic signature sound, The Breaks The Beat have been cleverly described as a culmination of an undying passion for music and friendships – which is definitely a strong foundation between any group that is set out to live the dream among the industry greats that have influenced and inspired them. With members living in different areas of North America including Vancouver (Canada) and Tacoma (Washington), this collective has come together to create music that raises the bar in good ideas, strong songwriting, and a wholesome stylization that balances equal parts originality and familiarity. And with the release of their recent album ‘This Town & The Next’, The Breaks The Beat prove that their multifaceted musicianship is a true tour de force that is set out to claim a rightful place in the industry far above contemporary levels.

This album is full of anthems, rather than just songs. Their acoustically-infused Indie/Rock style with many multi-genre textures serve up a consistent flow of tracks that all compliment each other and tie in together on this 14-track record, and never lets up the charm. Songs like “The Other End of Town” and “The Evolution of Revolution” are beautifully executed tracks with well put together acoustic progressions, versatile vocals with a Pink Floyd sensibility, and a smooth rhythm section to solidify an unforgettable wholesome sound that just about anyone will enjoy. The subtle verses are soothing and encapsulates an early 2000s Indie vibe while the choruses are more mainstream with an immersive parallel between a low-to-mid range vocal approach and a direct vocal projection that stand out in the forefront. The catchiness is absolutely contagious and these tracks are definitely strong in the album’s first half.

“Extract Happiness” is another charming song with great vocal play that includes well-adjusted rasps, uplifting guitar riffs and story-telling lyrics that really grabs your undivided attention. While songs like “Birdhouse” and “Hawaii” are a little more upbeat and achieve really well paced rhythms and diligently crafted vocal melodies that are big standouts and definitely resonates perfect tie-ins with the rest of the album. Ending track “Lock On My Tongue Tied To My Teeth 2.0” goes out with a bang with its Rock-influenced energy, low gain electric guitars and the same effectively anthemic vocals that makes this album what it is. It’s a mess load of fun that will entice you to give a standing ovation after this track plays out, and really gets you to appreciate this album in whole.

It’s also interesting to note that The Breaks The Beat have also been highlighted in international songwriting competitions and have built an insatiable buzz and dedicated fan base since they began hitting the ground running after their inception into the market in 2017. This album definitely reflects the band in a way that gets you to believe that it’s not surprising such a band could accomplish achievements like this, but at the same time does surprise you that they haven’t accomplished more. But we’re not worried, with an album and direction like this, The Breaks The Beat have plenty more in store as they continue to thrive throughout the scene and make more of their dreams a reality. They clearly have what it takes and we are stoked to see what they do next in the very near future. ‘This Town & The Next’ released this year on June 5th and is available now on Spotify, Apple Music and other digital music streaming platforms. You’ll be more than happy you gave this record a spin.

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Artist Review: Katie Veltri – “3rd & Fairfax” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Taking a very simplistic yet nostalgic approach, acclaimed singer/songwriter Katie Veltri has put an anthemic spin with her brand new single, “3rd & Fairfax”.

Katie is no novice-leveled musical dabbler. From releasing a well received full length album this past year and also tackling legendary covers like John Lennon’s “Imagine” and others, Katie has independently constructed herself an enormously impressive platform since she hit the ground running. Her newest single, “3rd & Fairfax”, is a brilliant demonstration of her versatility, angelic vocals and lyrical structures, as well as overall craft.

With beautiful piano progressions that tailor’s to a more rotund low end soundtrack worthy approach, his track is definitely one that makes Katie a very noticeable standout. It’s peaceful, magical, and isn’t convoluted with an array of overproduced elements or multiple instruments to take you away from Katie‘s vocal spirit. It’s a song that really brings you relaxation, fascination, and a multifaceted aura to her presence that is rare among today’s artists. This single is the perfect example of that old saying: less is more. We want to hear Katie, without the unnecessary noise, post production theatrics, or any sort of distractions. We want to hear an artist’s overall craft and signature sound that can really grow on you – and make you wanna delve deeper into an artist’s catalogue, as well as future prospects. And “3rd & Fairfax” is definitely a song that will entice you into finding out more about Katie; be it her music, passions, or personality.

This single is currently available on Spotify and other platforms, and we highly encourage our readers to really give Katie the attention she truly deserves. Her artistic merit is genuine, her musical factors are addictive, and she’ll definitely be an artist you’ll be sticking with once you get a grasp onto her overall sound.

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Artist Review: MiZ – “A Year Ago Today” LP

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Acoustic, electric and all around eclectic, we get a fun and heartfelt catalogue of multifaceted tracks from Americana/Roots Rock recording artist MiZ‘s newest album A Year Ago Today.

MiZ is definitely no stranger to the industry. He’s performed his music on a vast array of tours and has opened up for industry heavyweights like Jason Isbell, Blues Traveler, The Wallflowers, Kenny Wayne Shepherd and a slew of others. And is also a two time winner of the Tri-State Indie Award for “Acoustic Artist Of The Year”. Now continuing his career after the well received success of his debut album, MiZ has emerged from the studio with his second studio album A Year Ago Today, and proves to be a very diligently crafted follow up record with all the goods.

Staying true to his signature sound of blissful guitar textures, dynamic melody placements and tasty vocal harmonies, MiZ delivers up an album of heartfelt catchiness that sings to your soul and sticks in your head. Each track is intelligently pieced together, has flavorful additives and delves into a fresh Americana sound with elements of Folk and served up with a classic Roots Rock style. All the while maintaining modern production value and musicianship factors that makes A Year Ago Today a very relevant record for today’s mainstream market.

From well blended acoustic guitar progressions, keyboard melodies to funky fiddles gliding through each measure with a tight rhythm section, MiZ‘s versatile vocal range is showcased very effectively and really stands out as a true original. Each song really shows the facets of his song writing and his lyrical content with catchy vocal melodies are a collective standout on this album. There is something for everyone on this record.

Another great component is the diversity of the tracks. It provides a sound that shares equal parts originality and familiarity, where you get something different from each song but know it’s coming from the same artist. And the attentiveness to the detail of MiZ‘s songwriting is one of the major things that makes A Year Ago Today the gem that it really is.

This is a masterful album, and if this is your first time discovering MiZ, you’ll be glad you did. It’s the type of album that’ll give you intrigue, and really entice you to look deeper into MiZ‘s music career and previous records. His true talent glows in this album, and it’s made apparent from start to finish.

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Artist Review: Randall Fowler – “The Recipe” EP

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

It’s rare that you discover an artist that is so good, that you have to listen to the music twice to fully embrace what you just heard. That’s the sensation you get when listening to Randall Fowler‘s newest hybrid Country-Rock EP The Recipe.

“A little bit o’ you, a little bit ‘o me, baby that’s the recipe” sings Fowler on the self-titled track of the EP. And that’s exactly what his songs are all about – the recipe. Something that is evident and appropriately titled, with every component of each song in its rightful place where it can deliver the most impact.

Emerging from the Charleston music scene in South Carolina, Randall Fowler, a musician since childhood, combines a strong Country Rock style with Pop and R&B additives that encompass familiar vibes and an innovative modern feel. His vocal range and control is something to behold all on its own, but combined with his ability to write and compose eclectic and intelligently crafted songs is what makes him the gem he really is. And The Recipe demonstrates this perfectly.

The precision of the EP carries significant weight with the production value and lends a hand at putting a modern twist to a very favorable genre in a very versatile way. With smooth acoustic guitar progressions and textures mixed with multifaceted EDM sensibilities, The Recipe delivers up a sound you’ve never quite heard before. It has incredible performance value, freshly innovative ideas, and really showcases Fowler in the most effective way possible. And that’s one of the greatest parts about this record – Fowler‘s authenticity and unwavering talent is at the forefront and is shown in many angles. You’ll have to hear it to believe it – and you’ll be glad you did.

Every track offers up something new, but stays true to a signature sound you’ll come to recognize. The Recipe is currently available on all digital music retailers and streaming platforms. You’ll be very glad we pointed you in Fowler‘s direction, and you’ll definitely thank us later.

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Artist Review: Scissortail – “So Alone” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Americana-duo Scissortail bring us ambient guitar swells and anthemic vocals with their newest single “So Alone.”

Scissortail, comprised of fellow musicians Seth Patterson and Trey Lockhart, come together to bring us smooth guitars and feel-good vibes with their eclectic Americana sound in this new single, and it’s something that will captivate your soul.

With great use of acoustic melodies and electric textures, both guitar parts compliment the good nature and well controlled vocals that embrace a passionate tone and overall atmosphere throughout the track. It is a simple song that is effective, high spirited and brings their true musicianship factors to the forefront.

The heartfelt lyrics and versatile vocal range really puts a signature touch to this song, and really gets you to sit back and enjoy the facets of two talented musicians coming together to create a solidified chemistry.

Scissortail is definitely a duo that is onto something, and will leave you very eager to hear more as the duo continues to manifest new material. Their unique and multifaceted take on the passionate Americana style is a treat for the soul and something to behold. You’ll be enticed to explore more into what Scissortail has in store.

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