Artist Review: Emmanuel Dalmas – “Father” Single/Music Video

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

An exercise in audio and visual chemistry, and a journey into dreamlike sequences and paralleled musicianship.

That’s just one small way of describing Emmanuel Dalmas‘ captivating piano & violin-driven single “Father”, accompanied by some powerful cinematography that shows a vast array of landscapes, geography, and amazement for the eye in an effective sequential format.

This instrumental composition is one that demonstrates not only production quality, but music theory and strong musicianship components as well. With brilliant measures of melodically crafted violin and piano, this is a great modernized take on the classical genre.

“Father” is especially effective with the music video’s cinematography adding to the chemistry to bring it all together into one dynamic masterpiece. From subtle swells to strong climaxes throughout the measures, the story-telling sensation you get from Dalmas‘ composing style really sets the tone for this song and leaves a signature stylization that really encompasses raw emotions. The chemistry between the entirety of the instrumental setting is definitely soundtrack-worthy, and could work in almost any film setting if placed properly.

“Father” is definitely an anthem within. A song that puts emotions and melody into the forefront and grasps at your body, mind, and soul altogether. However, with the enchanting cinematography that rides along with the composition, you’ll get the full sensation of just how powerful this song really is.

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Artist Review: Nina Kotova

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Dynamic, innovative, with talent beyond every musical realm that Classical compositions can offer. This Russian masterpiece with some of the country’s most renowned musicians, including acclaimed Cellist Nina Kotova, really puts history into beautifully conducted and composed songs that has a five-star signature sound to the musical craft that emulates from this collection of beautiful compositions conducted by Vladimir Fedoseyev.

Each song represents a different mood and emotion that we hear and feel as well. From subtle measures to gradual buildups, we get an exploration of every angle that Nina Kotova displays throughout each measure with the Tchaikovsky Symphony adding to the spirituality and the perfect background that puts Kotova in the forefront; showcasing her dynamic and strong presence in every composition.

As a Classical music listener that’s familiar with Music Theory, this is music that speaks volumes to the ear. While each song uses similar formulas, they also offer up many different components and elements as well. What’s most noticeable about these songs are the differentiation among the progressions and tempos. While some stay subtle and soothing, others grasp onto more of an upbeat and bossa-nova type of feeling. And I believe that’s one of the defining factors of these compositions — feeling. Emotion. And the depth of how well put-together every song is. 

With a charismatic forefront from Nina Kotova backed up by the Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra and conducted by Vladimir Fedoseyev, we have an all-star cast of Classical musicians that will soothe the soul, enamor the moods, and leave an everlasting impression on anyone that listens.

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