Artist Review: Steve Andrews

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Hailing from the Wales landscapes of Cardiff and often compared to Neil Young, Indie Folk Rock Acoustic/Electric Artist Steve Andrews, is a fun-loving and colorful character with a sound to match.

This veteran musician has a very eclectic craft and tracks off his most recent effort demonstrate it clearly. His upbeat track “Living Book” and acoustic-infused catchy hit “Ever Yours” are dynamic, well produced, and share a common ground from Andrews‘ influences and original persona. 

His vocal range is perfect for the folk role, and in his homeland goes by the name of Bard of Ely, which pays homage to his roots. And you can definitely hear his roots implemented in his music, where he expressively showcases his moods, adventures, inspirations, and the great memories he has made living as an innovative, native English musician.

If you’re into an outstanding world class Folk sound with many great edges and key factors that makes an Artist truly inspiring, Steve Andrews is definitely the guy you’ll want to take a close listen to, and also perhaps research into as well. He has many stories to tell, and lives life fully through entertaining the public, attending every event and concert he can, and playing a very dynamic style of Indie/Folk that everyone can enjoy. Check into the Bard of Ely and experience something eclectic, electric, acoustic, and all around a joy to behold.

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Artist Review: Russell Lee

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

An exercise in catchy, witty, and clever Country/Rock.

With influences ranging from Bob Seger to James Taylor, critically acclaimed Canadian Recording Artist, Russell Lee, hailing from the Manitoba landscapes of Winnipeg, has performed for thousands of fans, has released three well received albums, and has sustained a very reputable presence with a very bright future ahead as he continues to write, record, and perform.

His most recent album, What Do I Do, is a collection of very humble, catchy, well-written songs that showcases many positive angles of Lee‘s musicianship, and dynamic writing skills. The production value is exactly where it needs to be and never outdoes itself. From very integrated melodies with great use of keyboards, harmonicas, 3-part harmonies and impressive guitar work, What Do I Do is definitely an album that is impossible to go unnoticed.

When it comes to priorities as an artist, Russell Lee has everything down to a science. The first one being amazing song structures and writing techniques; melodies that stick in your head and a proper way to showcase his voice with the best musicianship to back it up, along with production value to tie it all together to give his songs a full sound that never leaves a stone unturned. It’s refreshing to hear an artist that truly puts his best foot forward with his music and absolutely knows where his strengths are, and how to present them properly.

We at Artist Reach recommend Russell Lee without hesitation, especially if eclectic Country-Rock is in your heart. You will be listening to him non-stop.

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Artist Review #2: Luanne Hunt – “So It Goes”

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

It’s an honor to bring back this award-winning Country Artist with her single “So It Goes”. Luanne Hunt‘s first review we did for her other single “Texas Tears” gave us a strong, charismatic, and flawless first impression. So it comes as no surprise that we once again have another song from her brilliant mind and beautiful voice to sweep us off our feet, onto the dance floor, and give us all the more reason to love her music and persona with genuine praise even more.

Just like her other single, this song has fantastic production value that showcases Hunt‘s craft and feel-good vibes when it comes to her diligent songwriting structures and very well pieced together vocal harmonies, clever lyrical measures, and great use of multi-layers including piano fills, catchy chord progressions, and a chorus you can’t help but have glued in your head with her spot-on vocal harmonies and fun, charismatic vibe that gives her sound a very polished one.

This is definitely a track that was perfected to its peak. Luanne Hunt‘s musicianship never leaves a stone unturned and always puts her best foot forward with her dynamic structures throughout every measure. And on top of having some of the best musicianship to showcase her, it’s her voice that really grabs hold of you and entices the listener to explore more into Hunt‘s catalogue of fun-loving anthems that separates her from your average Country or Folk artist.

Luanne Hunt is a Hall of Fame Artist that deserves the acclaim completely. She’s definitely worth the listen, and is far from a disappoint. We at Artist Reach are humbled to have her reach out to us again for another review. It’s an absolute honor and we can’t wait to see what Luanne Hunt has in store in the shortcoming. In the meantime, definitely check out her track “So It Goes”.

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Artist Review: Shane Pons

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

A bold country sound that’s bound to get you off your feet, this Alt/Country artist by the name of Shane Pons holds nothing back when it comes to creating, composing, and wowing his fans with his insatiable energy and charisma.

A man with a voice perfectly crafted for the genre, Pons boasts a very eclectic, fun, witty, and catchy sound that is bound to put him on the map, and his music in your soul. “High Life” is one of those songs that clearly showcases Pons‘s talent, mesmerizing story-tellish verses with clever lyrics, and a climactic chorus that will have you up all night singing along to it on repeat.

He brings a very adhesive rock element to the table as well, since he himself has been in many past rock bands. It was after his contribution to rock that he decided to go solo and put his music where his heart is, in country. And he’s definitely passionate about the genre. After dropping his debut album in 2014, Pons hit the ground running from there.

The album has top-notch production value, smooth guitar riffs, and musicianship that stands out in ways where Pons can put his soul into writing, his writing into songs, his songs into the forefront, and truly perform the music he’s always wanted to since his rock days.

Shane Pons is definitely a musician to behold and a story to be told. If you’re a country listener looking for an artist in the genre’s truest form, then Pons is your pick. 

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Artist Review: Dave Bremner

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

“Gentle Healing…Special Feeling”. Beautiful words that not only include the title of this soothing Dave Bremner single, but also two descriptive words that are in the song; words that describe the feeling you get from this Soft Alt/Country track from this brilliant Scottish singer/songwriter; properly titled “Gentle Healing”.

Bremner‘s anthem is a very dynamic one, but has that simplicity that has always worked beautifully in songs like this. Great use of acoustic and electric guitars that parallel each other with traditional chords that have great texture when properly placed together, which leaves plenty of room for Dave to write very effective, and unforgettable vocal melodies.

He has a very distinctive voice that has great elements of many influences. His voice doesn’t just boast a country feel, but also one of Alternative and even Rock sensibility. So it’s almost impossible to not be captivated by how eclectic and open-ended Dave Bremner‘s voice is. This man could sing for many different genres if he wants to.

“Gentle Healing” just came out recently at the end of May on Shine On Records and has hit the ground running ever since. Which is Dave Bremner‘s Freshman/Debut effort as a solo artist since his previous group disbanded. Bremner is also a devoted family man, and on top of his music, teaches Martial Arts and is also a Meditation Practitioner. Very impressive sets of skills that you won’t find in the every-day-musician! But as far as the music is concerned, “Gentle Healing” is a track that captivates the soul, soothes the body & mind, and carries some of the greatest moods the genre could ever offer. “Gentle Healing” is currently available on all major streaming and downloading platforms like iTunes, Amazon, and many others. Dave Bremner‘s music is beyond worth the listen, and will find its place to your heart in no time. 

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Artist Review: Big City Cowgirl

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Sondra Toscano, who is better known under her stage name Big City Cowgirl, is a story to behold, and a story to be told.

Hailing from the Boroughs of New York City (Brooklyn), her stage name is definitely one that does justice and stays true to herself as a 100% self-taught and self-made musician. She’s an Alt/Country Artist that truly takes passion in her travels; where people, places, and things play a big role into her inspirations, personality, outlook on life, and her craft as a Singer/Songwriter that has been honing her craft with vocals since her childhood, and guitar since her teenage years. 

With a voice that has the strength, range, and beauty along the likes of Carrie Underwood, Grace Slick, and Stevie Nicks…Toscano has a very dynamic vocal delivery and sustains many defining factors that make her stand out with a very captivating and charismatic aura.

Her recent single “Rode Off Into The Sunset (That Night)” is a very well-polished and fabulously written song that displays top-notch musicianship, great production value, and a very solidified chemistry between Sondra’s Big City Cowgirl persona and the cast of talented musicians that bring out the best of her.

There’s a very tasteful and effective use of vocal harmonies in all the right places, and foreshadow’s the powerful chorus that captivates you instantly. The verses make use of very well textured acoustic traditional chords that adds great chemistry to the overall sound and displays great chord progressions. The melodies that are sung over the well-written verses get you to truly connect with Sondra’s story-telling vocal approach, and then hits you right at the heart with the warmth of a flawless chorus with dynamic harmonies and strong musicianship.

Big City Cowgirl, just like myself and the other Artist Reach staff, all share the history, influence, and inspiration of pursuing music since our single-digit years. And as the years go by, you evolve into something more amazing and well-crafted. Sondra is definitely one of those amazing Artists that started it all on her own, has her own sound, persona, and hits the ground running with every song she releases. She’s another Artist that was born to do this.

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Artist Review: Not From Georgia

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Western Alt/Rockers Not From Georgia, led by pioneer musician Steve Westfall, have put together a very effective, catchy, and melodic album with a strong showcase of diligent songwriting and strong musicianship with their current release Willie’s Gone.

This is a very eclectic record that has a great mastered final mix that successfully brings out the best of Westfall and his band of professional musicians that bring this album all the elements needed to make Willie’s Gone a very brilliant finished product of its kind.

Songs like “Highway 84” and “Honey” are great opening tracks that introduce us to a very well-polished album with dynamic use of guitar melodies, great vocal-range, and diligence in songwriting structures. The verses have great string-fillers and has a great rhythm section that cruises along as the powerful chorus approaches. These songs are up lifters, movers, and shakers.

And with a track like “Some Days”, there’s a much more delicate and soothing foundation. The slide guitars are beautifully crafted along with the fore grounded vocal melodies that makes this song a very ambient and serene listen. It has brilliant acoustic guitar textures, solidification among the players, and a togetherness that sets apart Not From Georgia from your average Alt/Rock band with Western sensibilities.

This band has a great history, a great catalogue of music, and will definitely be appreciated among those who appreciate their genre. In fact, Not From Georgia will most likely be added to your list of current favorites. We can promise that.

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