Artist Review: Luanne Hunt – “Backroads, Bottles & Blues”

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

If there’s one elite artist that has graced our platform with music that gets better every time, it’s Hall of Fame Country Star Luanne Hunt.

Every release of hers compliments the last, and over time you can’t help but see what an inspiring and thriving catalogue of Country hits she puts out. And she adds to it beautifully with her fresh new EP Backroads, Bottles & Blues, a refreshing and delightfully catchy collection of 7 tracks that will win your heart over, especially if you’re a fan of true country.

From uptempo riffs, piano solos and innovative vocal harmonies with the finest precision one could hear, Luanne‘s natural and angelic voice soothes your soul from start to finish throughout every track. Her opening track “The Rhythm” is the perfect entrance into Luanne‘s signature sound and really gets you to grasp onto her artistic merit and her God’s gift to creating soulful music with heartfelt lyrics. It’s also a great track for those who haven’t heard her yet, and will steal your heart away from the very first verse.

With mid-tempo classic country vibes on tracks like “Broken Branches” and “Old Tobacco Road“, we get to hear another side to Luanne‘s writing style and her versatility as a songwriter shines really bright by making use of great guitar tones and chord progressions. The simplicity of the rhythm section is another great part about Luanne‘s style that allows her to keep her voice at the forefront in all the right places, meanwhile giving every instrument the room to explore different fills, measures and tastefully written solos that make these songs incredibly crafty with top notch musicianship factors.

This EP also includes her hit single “Lightning In A Bottle” from earlier in the year, as well as a new magical country ballad “Love Led Us Here”, a beautifully crafted gem that gets the heart fluttering and the soul glowing. The highlight of every track will always be Luanne‘s voice, one that is irreplaceable and incomparable. But it’s also her classic production value that delivers an old school country flavor with elements of today’s modern sensibilities that makes her truly multifaceted.

She has a positive presence and an amazing story-telling narrative to every song on this EP, and her ability to capture the best melody for each one is what makes Backroads, Bottles & Blues a true country classic record that will be sitting on your shelf of favorites. If you already know Luanne, then you already know you’re in for a treat. If this is your first time discovering her, then you’ll be more than happy that you did. She never ceases to amaze.

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Artist Spotlight: Lorenzo Doryon – “Friends (I Don’t Wanna Be)” Single

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

Grasping an aura of hypnotic energy and an enchanting, versatile melodies – we get an exercise of electronic ambience with Lorenzo Doryon‘s new Pop-infused single “Friends (I Don’t Wanna Be).”

Accompanied by a colorful and eye-catching lyric video, this track delivers components of today’s likability factors among the Pop genre with many elements that balance on originality and familiarity. The production value is top-of-the-line and really brings Lorenzo‘s authenticity and talent to the forefront.

However, it’s his voice that carries the most weight throughout the song. His subtle and charismatic mid-ranged vocal delivery is soothing, moving, and bound to capture your heart and your attention. The colorful framework of the lyric video adds an atmosphere that resonates perfectly with the music, and really takes you on an audio and visual journey.

This track, debuting on the retail charts this week, is one of many song from his highly anticipated upcoming EP Paint The Night. Produced by Gemini (producer for Justin Bieber) and written by Jimmy Burney (songwriter for Demi Lovato) and Lorenzo himself. The EP was mastered at Abbey Road by Christian Wright (Ed Sheeran/ Coldplay) in London.

On top of terrestrial radio, the single will also be garnering regular play and rotation in nearly all retail chains including the Apple Store, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Six Flags, Staples, Best Buy, Subway, Denny’s, McDonalds, Hyatt, Dominos, Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, among others.

With a voice and image like Lorenzo‘s, this single is the perfect demonstration of his innovative vocal abilities and insatiable passion for creating a perfect melody. “Friends (I Don’t Wanna Be)” will delve you right into his artistic merit and win you over immediately from the very second the song starts, and will stay with you long after it’s over.

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Artist Review: K-Styles – “Hydration” EP

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

When taking a close listen to K-Styles on his new EP release Hydration, you can’t help but think that he is more living proof that underground Hip Hop is where the magic is truly made.

Emerging from indie label Solid Grind Entertainment, K-Styles delivers us some street heat with this 3-track banger doused with integrated vocal structures and versatile rhyming techniques. The beats quiver with ambience, the flow is elevated throughout, and in the end we encompass an artist that truly delves into his artistic realm and holds nothing back.

Starting it off right with opening track “Countin'” dives us into the perfect demonstration of K-Styles‘ signature sound and overall craft. His vocal execution over a subtle beat is so much more evident and crisp as opposed to the sounding of alarms we get in a lot of mainstream tracks nowadays. This is bringing back that old school flavor we all fell in love with and bringing it to new heights with a modernized sensibility; making it an appropriate song for any Hip Hop fan, especially those looking for something more authentic.

His anchor single from the EP “Wet (feat. Birdy Bird & Stony Tony)” is definitely the highlight. This song puts catchiness on a whole new level with two feature artists complimenting this track beautifully with each verse. Solidified with a chorus that refuses to leave your head, this track substantiates the perfect amount of energy to keep you on the move, or chill out to a feel good draft. Either way, the three voices on this track really bring it together and is undeniable with its multifaceted lyrical content.

Closing it out with another feel good banger, the track “Coolin'” cools us right off with the perfect resolution to what was started. By the time you get here, you’ll capture the artistic merit that makes K-Styles as relevant as he is, and makes you realize that artists like him are not around every corner. In the age where one could produce an album on their smartphone, you get no sense of that at all. This is a true lyricist that did it right, and didn’t succumb to fratty antics just to get some music out on social media. You can hear loud and clear that this artist truly has the gift of lyricism, the passion for the music, and the hustle for true Hip Hop

Take yourself over to your favorite digital music platform and pick up Hydration. You’ll be glad we sent you there.

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Press Release: House Of Rejects

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

It’s hard to come by bands nowadays that prioritize by really setting their sights on good faith, good songwriting and authenticity. A band you can resonate with that helps you through your adversities and really gives you a platform to connect and find your identity, a mantra Missouri Rock duo House Of Rejects really focuses on with their signature sound, style and content.

The duo is comprised of dynamic lead vocalist Ricky Rauch and teen guitar sensation Chance Woolsey, who spent 6 months on the Billboard’s Christian Rock charts with his previous band Crossing Fire. The two put together a rock-infused sound that is innovative and energetic; doused in mid-ranged vocals that carry strong harmonies and lyrical structures along with soaring guitar riffs, tasty progressions, and catchiness that’ll reel you in with their incredible songwriting and artistic merit in the forefront of their message.

Their radio release of their single “Fiction” is a solid example of the House Of Rejects‘ foundation and explosive wave of crafting a style that gives off staying power – that ability to stay with you even when the song is over. The guitar progression and vocal melody compliments each other perfectly and really delves you into the duo’s world of what makes the band the rarity they are.

Tying their collection of tracks together with the songs “Delusion”, “Crazy”, “Restart” and “Break The Ice”, their brand of Rock is evident with an anthemic caliber of something truly of their own, drawing influences with the heart of The Beatles, the soul of Michael Buble, and the driving guitar riffs of AC/DC – bringing a flavorful sound that stems from many generations of iconic rock eras combined with today’s mainstream sensibilities.

And the world quickly began taking notice. House of Rejects is currently on ReverbNation’s Top 10 Upcoming Rock Bands globally, The 5-track EP will be releasing September 14th to all online digital music retailers including Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and more. The single “Fiction” will also be released to worldwide radio on September 18th via PlayMPE.

If you’re looking for the next diamond in the rough with young energy and uncanny ability, House of Rejects absolutely delivers with this collection of well-crafted tracks from a duo of multifaceted artists that create a sound that is truly versatile and next-level. Mark your calendars!

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Press Release: Dress Code – “Underground” EP

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

When it comes to bringing raw energy and innovation to electronic music, Dress Code‘s upcoming EP Underground comes out swinging and hits it out of the park with every measure on this 5-track banger.

Combining a versatile electronic/EDM signature sound with rock and funk influences, Underground delivers up a tasty original concoction with flavors from yesterday’s favorites and today’s mainstream sensibilities. Dress Code (comprised of writer/performer Derek Holley) delves into a realm of ambient vocal melodies, catchy instrumentals and an endless supply of insatiable energy; making this Dance album extremely effective, addictive and multifaceted with its production value.

Each track brings something new to the table with many defining elements and musicianship factors that really sets this EP apart from many others of a similar caliber. Its multi-genre approach is crafty and executed brilliantly by being able to sustain consistency without breaking the overall vibes from this record as a whole. You get something new every time, but you can still tell it’s coming from the same artist; which is what makes Dress Code‘s identity and artistic merit shine at the forefront.

If you’re looking for a Dance album of versatility with all the electronic goodness and energy one can muster, then Underground will be added to your list of favorites from the very first listen. The EP drops on September 7th as a digital-only release and will be available on all mainstream digital retailers and streaming platforms.

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Artist Review: JVNIOR’ AMOUX – “The Party’s Over” EP

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

With a sound reminiscent to R&B infused artists like Bone Thugz N’ Harmony from the 90s combined with today’s more mainstream stars of the same caliber, 22-year old rising Australian artist JVNIOR’ AMOUX‘s EP The Party’s Over takes us on a ride of sensuality, versatility and a flow into his ambient sound.

The first set of opening tracks introduce us into a very subtle, yet effective sound. JVNIOR‘s low-range vocals are pure, soothing and multifaceted. His voice really carries the torch along with the immaculate production value and really parallels beautifully with the aura of the overall sound and vibe these songs offer, especially in the title track “The Party’s Over”. A track that really grasps at your attention and delves you deep into JVNIOR‘s signature style that has a tapestry of likability factors and sensuality throughout the song’s structure.

There are a handful of impressive feature artists on this EP, but one that sticks out is “Attention (feat. JahMase)”. A song that really gives vibe a whole new feeling with two voices that compliment each other beautifully. We also get a higher ranged vocal delivery from JVNIOR himself that is astonishing and brilliantly executed. This is one of the EP highlights for sure, and like the song advertises, is one that will definitely grab your attention.

The Party’s Over is a 100% recommendation for any avid fan of prominent R&B with elements of Hip Hop and Soul. Each track is a soothing listen, yet still adds enough charisma to really get your emotions running high. And I know once take a listen yourself, you’ll love this record just as much as we do. It’s one you’ll keep coming back to time and time again.

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Artist Review: Swagg Jazz – “Swagg Jazz VS. Jasmyn”

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

There have been a tapestry of new female rappers coming out the gate lately. Some are hit or miss, and some just hit it out of the park. And Memphis Hip Hop starlet Swagg Jazz is exactly one of those cases.

Her latest release Swagg Jazz VS. Jasmyn really sets the bar higher not just for herself, but for other female Hip Hop artists everywhere. She’s dynamic, witty, and very versatile. And every track on this record demonstrates this perfectly.

Swagg‘s album concept is almost like a Jekyll & Hyde approach, putting her stage persona and offstage personality into parallels. And you can really delve into more of who she is in her reflective opening track “Self Note”. A storytelling narrative that starts everything on a more subtle note, however very effective. We have a more toned down song that reels you right in to Jazzy‘s mid-ranged tone, perfect flow, and charismatic lyricism that really lets her guard down. This is definitely a fantastic opener to get to know Jazzy on a more personal level, and there’s no better way to start a record off.

Then things get much louder and edgier immediately with her follow-up track “Chase A Bag”. An in-your-face party track that really heats up the streets and casts Swagg Jazz in a much more fast-paced role. First of all, like the album title depicts, we hear a whole different side to her and she really lets loose with this one. We have a beat that flows beautifully with her lyrical conjectures, and the perfect production value to tie it all together.

Another highlight of this album is collab track “I Ride” (feat. Ashley Banks). We have an extremely catchy chorus that carries the torch with Ashley Banks‘ multilayered harmonies and multifaceted melodies aligned with Jazzy‘s insatiable rhyming techniques, making this one of the main bangers of the album for sure. It’s a perfect blend of two female voices in two different roles, structured together beautifully and produced in a way that really showcases their artistic merit.

Overall, if Swagg Jazz keeps up this kind of momentum in the playing field of female Hip Hop, then Memphis is gonna have a new Queen at the table. If she hasn’t been given the throne already. Either way, Jazzy really holds her own with every track of Swagg Jazz VS. Jasmyn. And when you take a listen to it yourself, you’ll see exactly why.

Swagg Jazz has also been making her rounds as a feature artist for a slew of other rappers in the elite Memphis scene and its surroundings as well. So when you research more into her music, you will definitely catch a glimpse into an on-the-rise female Hip Hop artist grinding her way to the top. And we are stoked to see her get there.

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