Artist Review: Tune Tank – Invasion Of A Skyline LP

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

I’ve reviewed this fine Swedish trio once before. They weren’t a disappointment then, and that remains the same now with their debut full-length and freshest sounding release to date, Invasion Of A Skyline. In fact, they may have topped their predecessor with some of the nostalgic goodness on this record.

Just like their previous release, Tune Tank definitely brings many elements into their blissful and mesmerizing take on Alt/Rock with a 90s feel. Each song offers up a different side to the band’s writing style and great use of multi-instrumentation, while keeping their craft’s integrity that is in their forefront. 

One track really stuck out at me with this new record, and that track is “The Beauty In The Beast”. Introduced with an eclectic bass riff, this is one of those songs where all the pieces of the puzzle fit. The guitar swells and piano verses really carry a subtle and magical feel, and really shows that the trio are made up of composers as a whole, blending it all together without missing any ingredients. 

The lyricism is very dynamic and comes with a story-telling and theatrical approach to its concept of humanity. And it has layers that really peel back and show you just how well the band members flow together; a chemistry that has a perfect mix for the genre, and the production value that showcases it appropriately. This song is for everyone who appreciates the genre, and it may just end up being one of your new all time favorites.

The other track that grabbed me was “Insanity”. A simple, versatile, and melody-driven Rock song with the simplicity that made the genre great in the first place. It has an R.E.M. feel to it, and it’s definitely a song bound to stick in your head like glue. I believe this is one of the songs on this release that will entice you to listen to Tune Tank‘s entire catalog, if this new release isn’t enough.

It’s an honor and an amazement to have amazing artists like Tune Tank come back for another review, where you get a chance to really see and hear the evolution of a group musically. If these guys keep it up and continue down the path they’re on, they’ll be heard everywhere. If you heard about them just now in this review, listen to them and thank me later. 

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Artist Review: Morrow’s Memory

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Powerful. Energetic. A musical discovery you’ll take pride in.

These energy-fueled rockers and elite songwriters are called Morrow’s Memory. And they are memorable indeed once you take a bite into one of the tracks off their EP Take Control. That track (or single, rather) is “Bloodlust”. Simply, a mind blow for any avid Rock listener.

You can hear elements from other Alt/Rock greats such as Foo Fighters, Alter Bridge, and Three Days Grace. But in all honesty, I think MM carries much more weight with their own signature sound that has the perfect ingredients to give you some of the best songwriting and musicianship this genre has been needing for far too long now.

They’re great for the radio, but I wouldn’t classify them as some play-it-safe-radio-friendly band at all. Nope. These guys are much more dynamic, have a very solidified chemistry, and a vocal delivery more powerful than I can even describe. Morrow’s Memory is one of those bands that makes you think “Whoa, where has this band been all my life?” after listening to them. Yes, they are that good.

The vocals and clean guitar starts “Bloodlust” off very effectively, brings out a great buildup for the vocals, and just smashes you in the face with some of the most intense Rock elements you could ever want. With great vocal melodies, a very catchy chorus, pounding rhythm section, and dynamic guitar work…we have something nothing less than amazing. Morrow’s Memory is a must-listen. You’ll be blown away.

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