Artist Review: Anton Cullen – “Breaking Through” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

EDM with 8-bit Nintendo Plugins and melodies? Sign me up!

Anton Cullen is an elite EDM producer and has a sound with a lot of twists and turns with his song “Breaking Through”. From clever progressions, memorable structures, and sound-effective melodies with a video-game spin, we get served a great value of production, tasty measures of melody, and brilliantly diverse song structures with buildups and breakdowns that compliment each other throughout the song’s captivating stride.

There’s a lot of unexpected fun breakdowns in this track that really showoff Cullen‘s versatility, which gives it a raw and original approach. It’s witty, danceable, and could easily be deemed as a club track or even a straight rave track you could loosen up your mind to, and just take what’s coming with its energy, aura, and nostalgic realm.

It’s something you can play just about anywhere; even your car to test out those new Sony Xplodes. Stuff like that. It’s not generic, but is very universal and holds a very unique balance in between being radio friendly, and straight-up gritty. It’s a toss up really (depending on the Disc Jockey).

No matter how you take this song in, Anton Cullen is new food for the ear. This has that sensibility that’ll definitely have you coming back to the song time and time again. The likability factors are there, so in my eyes, you’re gonna love this track too. Now go listen!

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Artist Review: Joe Kool

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

When it comes to music that never skips a beat, renowned DJ, Joe Kool, delivers the goods with his 30-minute charismatic and upbeat run-through of “This One’s Kool” from his Deep Frequency Mix Sessions; a record of twists and turns, bumps and grinds, and extremely dynamic production value.

The esteemed artist is no stranger to the turntables and has garnered critical acclaim along with an escalating fan base over the years from his insatiable experience in the field of House Music and its components to the genre; opening a world of opportunity to compose and create, to put his vision into an audio reality.

His beats have an old school approach, but have that powerful, punchy edge of today’s sensibility. It’s a brilliant 30-minute segment that’d be perfect for an event like Ultrafest. And though you can hear relentless House artist influences, there’s still a dynamic and versatile edge that makes Joe Kool stand out on his own. His transitioning between samples and the beats are smooth and never stray away from its formula. It has that classic 90s feel with today’s rhythmic and straight-forward production.

I’ve come across a lot of DJ mixes and House artists over the years, and it’s absolutely refreshing to hear something that doesn’t drench you in overpost-production, where the true character of a song or artist might be saturated or overdone. Joe Kool keeps it completely real, and his mixing and mastering efforts on “This One’s Kool” definitely does justice for his DJ abilities.

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Artist Review: Engell – “Been Looking For” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky & Christina Myers

A very eclectic and experimental exercise into the realm of EDM and ambience. Recording Artist Engell brings us a very versatile edge in his new single “Been Looking For”.

With great experimentation in diversity and versatility, this artist brings a very likable, soulful, and passionate approach into the world of Electronic music without overdosing you on the noise factor. The song gently brings you into a buildup of emotions, and other moods that solidify the overall approach. And it’s safe to say that this track also expresses the vocals through melody and narratives alike. It’s something that makes you think, feel, and wonder what’s in the mind of its creator.

The production value is right where it needs to be, and can definitely be a great draft pick for a movie score. Engell has a sound that harbors many thoughts, emotions, and an expressive nature that grabs you on a personal level. It’s a deep song, with many light and dark sensations of reflection throughout the song’s buildup. And as the song plays out, you definitely begin to think for yourself about what this song means to the creator, as well as what it means to you. And I believe the balance between audio and imagery are perfectly presented as the song curiously keeps you listening all the way to the end.

This is definitely a song with deep meaning, and has moments that really grasp at your soul. Take a listen to “Been Looking For” and see (as well as hear) what the song means to you. It’s anthemic and a very dynamic adventure.

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Artist Review: Amery Rey Tuesta

Review by: Justyn Brodsky & Dave Welsh

Jammy, ambient, and a great foreign feel with great production value that showcases Amery Rey Tuesta‘s multifaceted melodies and song structures.

One song in particular, “Let’s Love”, really sets the tone for Tuesta‘s dynamic approach. With a great jam band style rhythm section with multiple instruments playing different roles to fill this song’s sound, you can definitely get a grasp on the integration of a brilliant mind putting the pieces together.

While the verses are more subtle, the chorus is very powerful and definitely stands out as one of the defining elements of this song that makes it what it really is. There’s not a stone unturned with this song and these songs can be deemed more as compositions more than anything. It just has a sound that really showcases many moods and Tuesta‘s mid-range vocals fits in the foreground perfectly with the multilayered instruments.

This is definitely something fresh, something innovative, interesting, and sets no boundaries. If you’re looking for a sound that has experimental elements with amazing production value and versatility, then Amery Rey Tuesta is an artist to add to your must-listen list.

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Artist Review: Paul K

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Dark, ambient textures that bring out an emotional feat, Artist/Producer Paul K‘s “Ashes In The Snow” is a soundtrack-worthy instrumental that explores different moods hidden among our soul’s more emotionally intimate mindsets.

With great use of synthesizers and an anticipation of buildups as the song progresses, Paul K portrays a very dynamic and brilliant composition that gives you a visual experience through his production value. There are soaring melodies in the foreground that really stand out, and help put the climactic touches to the overall sound. It’s an exploration of art with a vast array of emotions that really soothe you as the track plays on.

Paul K, also known as the Producer for Glitch Code, is definitely the type of artist that the film industry could really grasp onto with his movie-score approaches and multifaceted skills behind the mixing board. “Ashes In The Snow” is not just something to listen to in a matter-of-fact sort of way; you have to sit back, open your mind, your heart, and let this song take you for the ride that it really is. 

This is an artist that’ll make you wanna explore all he has to offer, and anticipate what’s to come in the near future as a writer with a vision behind every composition. We highly recommend Paul K, and encourage you to go on the same audio and visual journey that we did. You won’t be disappointed.
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Artist Review: Furious Underdogs

Review by: Justyn Brodsky & Dave Welsh

An audio-visual explosion in emotion, humor, politics, mood swings, and a fantastic 70s punk implementation into an innovative sound that gives you something energetic and fun around every twist and turn.

And that’s the sound in an and of itself that Furious Underdogs portray when presenting an edge-of-the-seat persona with their most recent EP Glitter Your Own (Unicorn). It’s definitely new food for the ear with that classic old school Rock/Punk edge that came out of the gate in the 70s; however still maintaining a sensibility that today’s Rock listeners can appreciate in whole.

One thing that makes these tracks more interesting is the music video content that consists of a montage where musical and historical elements make an appearance. It all fits well with the speedy-punk outbursts and spoken-wordy lyricism that cruises the tracks along.

But overall, you can’t help but have adoration for the honesty Furious Underdogs puts out there. One might call it controversial, but we see it as expressive, and to some extent, perhaps daring. But that’s what makes this EP a lovable one; there’s nothing held back. This is artistic expression that brings us back to the way-back-when era while exploring newer, fresher avenues in musical innovation. We highly suggest to check out this EP; along with the videos to make your experience most effective while listening to Furious Underdogs.

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Artist Review: Elize Kaisser

Review by: Justyn Brodsky & David Welsh

Captivating, ambient, and a cinematic feel that can bring out your imagination in ways you’ve never experienced.

That’s the feeling you get when listening to European Recording Artist Elize Kaisser‘s single “Laid Back Love Is Life”, a song with an amazing ambient feel with an energetic beat in the foreground to give this song elements of energy, and the tender textures needed to soothe the overall mood. 

All of her work is self-written, and she’s an amazing keyboardist/composer that really has an edge that solidifies her signature sound, along with her seductive and soul-soothing vocal narratives and spoken-word approach. Something that would be perfect for today’s more modern movie soundtracks.

“Laid Back Love Is Life” is the perfect showcase of Elize Kaisser‘s effective songwriting, Production talents, and the best of her in all aspects of her take on her EDM-oriented genre. It’s also a song that strongly entices you to check out her entire music catalogue and keep up with what tricks she may have up her sleeve in the near future. Her sound is captivating, her contribution to the EDM influenced genre is authentically effective, and is great food for the ear.

Elize Kaisser is an elite self-taught Songwriter, Musician, and Recording Artist. And when you take a listen to her single and other songs from her catalogue of releases, you’ll know instantly that she’s another Artist that was born to do this. She is an amazing discovery that I see in the near future as something very big and influential to passionate songwriting.

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