Artist Review: Lucas Burn – “Fade” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Gripping and climactic, Lucas Burn takes us through a realm of dark emotions in his hypnotic Hip Hop single “Fade”.

This is one song that’ll definitely hit you at your core. It’s thought provoking, effective, and really puts a strong perspective on raw emotions over the feelings of loss.

“Fade” has a classic yet futuristic beat that is dark, ominous and very atmospheric. It’s very visceral and has versatility that really gives Lucas a true identity behind his music. With a darker Eminem resemblance possibly at play here, we get a set of clever lyrical punchlines and a story telling narrative that grabs you from the very first measure. His demeanor is serious, the content is personal and the overall tone is captivatingly dark. It’s one big emotional rollercoaster.

This track is also something almost anyone can identify with. From anger, resentment, helplessness and emotions surrounding that realm, “Fade” ties it all together with this song into one big explosion of expression, and Lucas Burn delivers it up beautifully in a way that keeps you on your feet and constantly thinking.

“Fade” is a stunningly powerful song that really shows Lucas‘s craft in a hypnotic light. He is dark, charismatic and definitely an original of his caliber. We highly recommend this banger!

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Artist Review: FIREMVN – “Electron” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

We get a heavy dose of energy and a futuristic aura with FIREMVN‘s new hybrid dubstep single “Electron”.

This track is one that is ahead of its time. With roaring synths and mysterious vocal narratives, “Electron” is a song that is meant to imply that it’s better to start small than to never start at all. A visual and visceral song about achieving your dreams and keeping your prospects open to everything that is possible. It’s a track that speaks its message instrumentally more than lyrically, and once you take a listen, you can definitely embrace the producer’s passion, perspective and place yourself in FIREMVN‘s shoes.

Each cognitive measure is straight and to the point, and keeps you focused on the climactic production value and brilliant execution of the song. It’s a breed of electronic music that goes far beyond anything contemporary, and provides a plethora of futuristic components that really kicks the genre into overdrive in a new direction.

“Electron” is also a great exercise of dubstep but with the volume knob cranked more than just a wee bit higher. And it fits beautifully. The beat and tempo is more of a flow that resonates with an action movie-like sequence and really creates a hybrid visual aspect to the song that really articulates FIREMVN‘s overall message. It’s very captivating, attention-grabbing and it doesn’t oversell itself in any way. It has timing and duration that satisfies you in full and gets its point across. It’s a track that authenticates FIREMVN‘s craft behind the mixing board and really gives him a signature to his work, and will keep you fixated on other releases he has put out in the past as well as the tricks he will have up his sleeves in the future.

“Electron” is for any avid electronic or EDM listener, and will keep you at the edge of your seat as it plays out. The track’s video dropped on November 4th and is available on YouTube, Spotify and other digital music retailers and streaming platforms. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

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Exclusive Review: Promises Kept Collective Presents – “Hey How’s It Going Show”

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Comprised of the minds from the Promises Kept Collective, a Media News outlet, presents a platform dedicated to showcasing and interviewing different up and coming artists/creators on their show Hey How’s It Going Show.

Just like us at Artist Reach, this show delves deep into indie artists and content creators looking to get their name out. And it has a very humble and insightful approach with their interview questions, interaction with the guests/artists on their show and really deliver a great demonstration of showcasing and supporting prospective artist careers with a positive vibe.

The host, Brandon Paul Desorcy, is multifaceted and informative with his connection with each guest in his show and quickly bonds with each of them. He gives them the chance to tell their story, talk about their careers and really get to the heart of their prospective passions into their craft. All the while engaging in a fun, vibrant conversations that resonate and connect with the show’s featured guests.

The concept is similar to ours – supporting the up and coming, as well as discovering creators that are looking to add that prominent niche to their artist résumé. And this show does a great job at keeping the guest and the show watchers interested and captivated. And at the end of the show, you are enticed to look more into the artist that was showcased, and take a listen to what these creators have to offer.

The most noteworthy thing about this show is allowing the audience to get to know the artists on a personal level – and this show really embraces that concept in a humble and genuinely fun/informative way. Brandon’s hosting style is charismatic and smart, impactful and insightful, and really makes it all about the music and artists. We can’t recommend his show highly enough. It encompasses a great concept and the intentions that accompany it that makes it the impactful platform it is known for.

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Press Release: The Outcastkid comes out swinging with his single “Regular Outcast”

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

With a futuristic retro aura around him, 19-year old NY-based Hip Hop artist The Outcastkid is back on the industry radar with his new single “Regular Outcast,” and he doesn’t disappoint in the least.

The Outcastkid with this new infectiously solid track continues to show people why he’s the next prodigy coming out of NY to spit over sampled beats. In this track, The Outcastkid samples the hit cartoon TV show “Regular Show”. Sampling a scene as a skit, he cleverly sets a tone and vibe of retro sadness and heartbreak, BUT don’t be fooled…this song picks up quickly and injects a bouncy, turnt-up vibe after the hooks are executed and the track begins to drive forward in its themed versatility.

With an already unique flow and voice, The Outcastkid reaches back into the past and incorporates chopped up and slowed down vocals to bring a fresh retro style to the airwaves, as “Regular Outcast” already seems to be an early college banger. “Regular Outcast” is a song that has a little of everything and will be a cornerstone track on the résumé of this kid. His other widely received tracks include “Shock Jockey,” “Indigo Smoke,” and his Jaden Smith icon remix.

Now, “Regular Outcast” joins that list. You can stream the song on every major streaming site, however with Spotify’s new advances in discovering new artists, we highly recommend streaming and saving The Outcastkid in your library and playlist.

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Career Highlights: DJ Thuch

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

DJ Thuch continues to hit the ground running and is geared up for a promising direction for 2019

Emerging from the elite Los Angeles music scene in California, DJ Thuch began hitting the ground running in the music realm in 2006 and quickly started building his craft. Since that time, he has manifested into a versatile and multifaceted artist with his own signature sound and stylization, and has no intention of slowing down his momentum anytime soon.

Born and raised in San Francisco, DJ Thuch after several years of artist development officially decided to take his affinity for music to the professional level in 2014. Known for his stylistic open format EDM sound with eclectic elements of Hip Hop/R&B and Latin, Thuch’s music resonates with an elite style that touches on equal parts originality and familiarity; giving his audience a taste of something fresh yet still identifiable. His music is also reminiscent of several artist influences that include DJ Fat Fingaz, DJ TLM, DJ Idea, DJ Drama, Carnage and Lil Jon. On top of being a self-taught musician, he is also a graduate from the Audio Surgeonz Institute in Beverly Hills, CA instructed by DJ Furious Stylez.

Since gracing the stage, Thuch has had the opportunity to perform at a vast array of venues and events in the Southern California scene, including Sharkeez Manhattan Beach (sponsored by Maserati), TDH Event at The Box Theater, Revival, Pass the Torch BET Weekend for Universal Hip Hop Museum 2018 (Featured artist Kurtis Blow Honoring Kash Doll and Nippsey Hussle), Legacy Lounge, Falak Hookah Lounge, De Oro Mine Co, Ren Gallery, DJ Judge for the state wide known Showcase Tour, among many others. He has also been exclusively featured in SDVoyager Magazine.

Currently, DJ Thuch has been producing and releasing various mixes of EDM, Latin and Hip Hop that can be found on digital streaming platforms including SoundCloud and Mixcloud. He also continues to book shows and perform at a variety of different bars, clubs, lounges and festivals in the Southern California region.

As he continues to compose, create, manifest and spread the heat throughout 2018 and beyond, DJ Thuch‘s future prospects are very promising as he paves the way to the top and utilizes his craft behind the turntables. At the rate he’s going, he will be a name you’ll be hearing much more about.

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Highlighted Artist: Spiritual Machinery

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

Spiritual Machinery is an eclectic musical project created in 2017 by Swedish musician Hakan Sunar.

Essentially a solo venture, Spiritual Machinery began as an outlet for Sunar’s minimalist techno compositions. Once Sunar started collaborating with various other artists in the music realm, Spiritual Machinery transformed from a small side project to Sunar’s primary musical enterprise, and the project quickly began hitting the ground running.

Delving into a modern electronic & EDM sound that is innovative and next-level, Spiritual Machinery’s signature style has manifested into a musical outfit that touches on equal parts originality and familiarity; giving their audience a taste of something fresh yet still identifiable. Their music can draw comparisons to other artists, but their originality and authenticity is something that the collective effort hold in their own right. And sets the foundation to every song they piece together.

With the prospect of the future looking bright for Spiritual Machinery, they look forward to bringing their new wave of music and landscapes to the forefront to all music listeners and the industry at large. They are in a promising direction and they will be a name you’ll be hearing much more about.

This is a group for any fan that appreciates all eras of electronically-infused music. Their craft and artistic merit reflects from their collaborative tracks and they will definitely be one of your new favorite discoveries. We at Artist Reach can’t recommend them highly enough.

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Artist Review: Antonio Eye – “Black God Child” EP

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Indie, versatile, and lyrically explosive, Antonio Eye brings us an energetically eclectic breath of fresh air on his visceral self-produced EP Black God Child.

This record is an outpouring of creativity and is incredibly multifaceted, multi-genre and has twists and turns you never see coming with every track. From grungy guitar riffs, creatively crafted spoken word verses and catchy rhythmic choruses, this indie effort is anything but a letdown.

In fact when you begin to get through some of the tracks, you actually sit in awe with how unbelievably solidified this EP is. Antonio brings something fresh-faced to every song and really keeps you captivated with each track’s approach with its eclectic nature and powerful musicianship factors. And even if you attempt to draw any comparisons, you realize that this artist is a creator in his own right and truly exhibits a style that is unlike anything you’ve ever heard.

If you dig soaring guitar riffs, cleverly harmonized vocals and something different offered up through each track, then this brilliantly executed EP is just for you. It has a vast array of multi-genre mixes that’ll absolutely keep you at the edge of your seat.

Connect with Antonio Eye:

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