Artist Review: Steve Andrews

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Hailing from the Wales landscapes of Cardiff and often compared to Neil Young, Indie Folk Rock Acoustic/Electric Artist Steve Andrews, is a fun-loving and colorful character with a sound to match.

This veteran musician has a very eclectic craft and tracks off his most recent effort demonstrate it clearly. His upbeat track “Living Book” and acoustic-infused catchy hit “Ever Yours” are dynamic, well produced, and share a common ground from Andrews‘ influences and original persona. 

His vocal range is perfect for the folk role, and in his homeland goes by the name of Bard of Ely, which pays homage to his roots. And you can definitely hear his roots implemented in his music, where he expressively showcases his moods, adventures, inspirations, and the great memories he has made living as an innovative, native English musician.

If you’re into an outstanding world class Folk sound with many great edges and key factors that makes an Artist truly inspiring, Steve Andrews is definitely the guy you’ll want to take a close listen to, and also perhaps research into as well. He has many stories to tell, and lives life fully through entertaining the public, attending every event and concert he can, and playing a very dynamic style of Indie/Folk that everyone can enjoy. Check into the Bard of Ely and experience something eclectic, electric, acoustic, and all around a joy to behold.

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Artist Review: Russell Lee

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

An exercise in catchy, witty, and clever Country/Rock.

With influences ranging from Bob Seger to James Taylor, critically acclaimed Canadian Recording Artist, Russell Lee, hailing from the Manitoba landscapes of Winnipeg, has performed for thousands of fans, has released three well received albums, and has sustained a very reputable presence with a very bright future ahead as he continues to write, record, and perform.

His most recent album, What Do I Do, is a collection of very humble, catchy, well-written songs that showcases many positive angles of Lee‘s musicianship, and dynamic writing skills. The production value is exactly where it needs to be and never outdoes itself. From very integrated melodies with great use of keyboards, harmonicas, 3-part harmonies and impressive guitar work, What Do I Do is definitely an album that is impossible to go unnoticed.

When it comes to priorities as an artist, Russell Lee has everything down to a science. The first one being amazing song structures and writing techniques; melodies that stick in your head and a proper way to showcase his voice with the best musicianship to back it up, along with production value to tie it all together to give his songs a full sound that never leaves a stone unturned. It’s refreshing to hear an artist that truly puts his best foot forward with his music and absolutely knows where his strengths are, and how to present them properly.

We at Artist Reach recommend Russell Lee without hesitation, especially if eclectic Country-Rock is in your heart. You will be listening to him non-stop.

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Artist Review #2: Luanne Hunt – “So It Goes”

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

It’s an honor to bring back this award-winning Country Artist with her single “So It Goes”. Luanne Hunt‘s first review we did for her other single “Texas Tears” gave us a strong, charismatic, and flawless first impression. So it comes as no surprise that we once again have another song from her brilliant mind and beautiful voice to sweep us off our feet, onto the dance floor, and give us all the more reason to love her music and persona with genuine praise even more.

Just like her other single, this song has fantastic production value that showcases Hunt‘s craft and feel-good vibes when it comes to her diligent songwriting structures and very well pieced together vocal harmonies, clever lyrical measures, and great use of multi-layers including piano fills, catchy chord progressions, and a chorus you can’t help but have glued in your head with her spot-on vocal harmonies and fun, charismatic vibe that gives her sound a very polished one.

This is definitely a track that was perfected to its peak. Luanne Hunt‘s musicianship never leaves a stone unturned and always puts her best foot forward with her dynamic structures throughout every measure. And on top of having some of the best musicianship to showcase her, it’s her voice that really grabs hold of you and entices the listener to explore more into Hunt‘s catalogue of fun-loving anthems that separates her from your average Country or Folk artist.

Luanne Hunt is a Hall of Fame Artist that deserves the acclaim completely. She’s definitely worth the listen, and is far from a disappoint. We at Artist Reach are humbled to have her reach out to us again for another review. It’s an absolute honor and we can’t wait to see what Luanne Hunt has in store in the shortcoming. In the meantime, definitely check out her track “So It Goes”.

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Artist Review: Ed Roman

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Ed Roman, an Award-Winning singer-songwriter & multi instrumentalist from Shelbourne, Ontario, Canada, brings a very eclectic, vibrant, and jammy sound to the table with some astonishing vocal delivery. If you’re into Alternative with some energetic Roots-Rock, Roman is your draft pick.

With some artist influences that range from Red Hot Chili Peppers, Paul Simon, and Bob Marley, there is a swell concoction stirred up with some intelligent and diligently original ingredients that makes Ed Roman stand out. His title track “Red Omen” gives off a Rusted Roots kinda groove, but with a much more powerful vocal delivery. His charisma is impossible to go unnoticed and his voice is very clean, well-polished, and like a train…rams right into some of the most versatile and natural vocal harmonies this genre could ever ask for. The percussion drives this song forward very dynamically and perhaps puts the rest of the players into their best atmosphere, keeping them at the top of their game at all times. The musicianship is an amazement that ensures a faultless outcome for themselves, and the foreground for Ed Roman to bring out the vocal power.

Once again, same thing for the song “Tough Cookie”. Powerful, unforgettable story-telling vocals that captivate the body and soul of any listener. A great tempo from a very gifted drummer, and a great craft of performance from Roman‘s cast of characters. “Tough Cookie” is a tough song to get out of your head.

Ed Roman‘s uniquely crafted songs have received critical acclaim and regular rotation on more than 100 terrestrial radio stations across North America and more than 400 stations Worldwide. He was a 2014 Artists Music Guild Award Nominee, won the 2014 International Music & Entertainment Association Award, a 2-time IMEA Award Nominee in 2015, a 2015 and 2016 Josie Show Awards Nominee, an Akademia Awards Winner, and a 2-time Indie Music Channel Award Winner. 

This kind of recognition deemed his enormously growing fan-base as “Ed Heads”; and when you take a listen to Red Omen yourself and see what all the hype’s about, you’ll be one too! Artist Reach approved. Hands down!

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