Press Release: Georgia-based Rising Artist Ajxni Gears Up To Release His New Album “Damaged Soul” In Early 2019

Article by: Justyn W. Brodsky

There are a very scarce amount of artists in this era that really capture their own hybrid signature sound. Georgia-based recording artist Ajxni is one of those rare gems, and is pulling out all the stops with his versatile multi-genre style with the highly anticipated release of his album Damaged Soul.

Combining a brilliantly multifaceted mix of Rock, Hip Hop, Grunge and Trap, Ajxni‘s craft is anything but ordinary. This is an artist that has put together a visceral sound that is energetic, climactic and compelling. It’s the type of surprise Linkin Park gave us when they first hit the market, our eyebrows raised to the ceiling. Ajxni‘s music delivers the same feeling – you just can’t believe what you’re hearing, and you are dying to find out more about him.

His anchor singles “WTF Is This?!” and “SelfMade” are highly acclaimed tracks that really give a clear showcasing of what Ajxni is capable of. Each track has a different angle to his artistic merit and leaves no stone unturned. Comprised of hypnotic beats, roaring guitars and a vitally energetic vocal approach to a flavorful Rap sound, these songs are a musical Hurricane when it comes to originality. The songs have a very rhythmic pacing and an array of elements and additives that make these tracks absolute standouts in their own right.

While Ajxni is his own entity of his musical caliber, there are landscapes of familiarity in these tracks as well. From lyrical wordplay, clever punchlines and anthemic buildups, these tracks are an explosion of versatility and authenticity. Ajxni carries the torch with a very nostalgic flow that resonates with the song’s energy. And that’s one of the focal points of these tracks – energy. It is an unwavering passion that screams out in ways that keeps you at the edge of your seat. And even though these tracks have different angles, you can still tell it’s coming from the same artist; and that’s what makes Ajxni‘s music as effective as it really is – you can always recognize his signature sound.

And since the success of these singles as well as other releases from his discography, Ajxni is now geared up to bring his wholesome sound to the forefront with the upcoming release of Damaged Soul, slated to drop in early 2019 and will be available on all digital music retailers and streaming platforms. It’s an album you are gonna be passing around until it goes viral. Keep your eyes peeled. In the meantime, be sure to prepare yourself for the album by connecting with (and listening to) Ajxni as the album release date draws closer.

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Behind The Music: An Interview With Steph Saraj About His Newest Release “The Art Of Letting Go”

Article by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Today, contemporary R&B recording artist Steph Saraj released his new visceral single “The Art Of Letting Go”. Those of you who read our press release of the track are familiar with it, and now we get to delve deeper into the song itself, as well as Steph himself in an exclusive interview. If you’d like to read the press release first, you may do so by going here:

About The Single

”I had originally planned for my EP ‘When Everything Isn’t Enough‘ to be released on January 2, 2019, but due to post-production circumstances, I’ve decided to save one song and release it as a single. It was hard to decide which song I would save, because I wrote the EP as a story. I had to pick what chapter would be heard first and I’ve decided on this one. Lyrically it’s a sad song, but I didn’t want the sound to be sad. Pain doesn’t always have to sound sad.”

About The Title

”The title ‘The Art Of Letting Go‘ marks the completion of a cycle. It does not necessarily mean the ending of an era. It could, though, if you want it to be. It’s a song about unconditional love, pain and personal growth. Sometimes the things that we hold closest to our hearts can become our greatest challenges.

About The Cover Art

During the covershoot for ‘The Art Of Letting Go‘ I was channeling an alien whose home planet got destroyed, who’s now hovering through space by themselves not knowing where to go next. The ring is actually…the ring represents a vow.

Future Plans

I’m ready to take over 2019! I have many projects planned for next year. I’m releasing my first EP ”When Everything Isn’t Enough” mid-February. We’re ready to record my second 4-track EP which will follow soon after my first EP’s release. It’ll show a different side of me as a person and as an artist. My plans for next year also include the release of my debut album. I’ve also recently started writing my 3rd EP. I stay busy, I have too much inspiration and too many stories to tell to not be productive!

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Artist Spotlight: Nick Ivey Comes Back Out The Gate With His Viscerally Catchy Single “Love You Show You Done Foreal”

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

Nick Ivey and his crew at SFS Sound have been pumping out the hits lately and readers are definitely intrigued by not only Nick‘s craft for Hip Hop, but his determination and authenticity as an artist as well. Nick comes back to the Artist Reach platform for round two for his infectiously catchy single “Love You Show You Done Foreal”.

For real, you gotta hand it to Nick. When it comes to getting his message across, he holds nothing back and delivers a compelling narrative. And this track does exactly that, this time with the woes of a relationship, and being tired of the female antics the male race has come to know when it comes to putting up with a drama queen. This is definitely an identifiable and relatable track that’ll give Nick at least 10 nods and affirmations from his fans when it comes to executing this concept in its spectral light.

And he shines the light of truth on this track. Coming at us with another anthemic and ambient beat at the forefront, Nick‘s swift and smooth lyrical caressing comes out in full force and locks the track down with unrelenting deliverance. His vocals ominously carry us through each bar and measure in a way that parallels perfectly with the rhythmic beat and production value as a whole. It’s a song of many likability factors and once again showcases the multifaceted side to Nick‘s writing style and eclectic take on Hip Hop.

Nick Ivey is definitely one of those gems that’s ready to be discovered on a much larger scale. His collective at SFS is his stomping grounds and is eager to bring other like minded musicians of all calibers to the platform to create more magic. Just like this current Nick Ivey single. Take a listen to this track yourself, as well as the rest of his and SFS‘s catalogue which is currently available on SoundCloud below.

Connect with Nick Ivey and SFS:

•Listen to the Single here:

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Artist Review: Lou Anthony – “Ring Fingers” Single

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Hip Hop fans know that the underground is where the magic is truly made. We get the perfect reminder of exactly that with Lou Anthony‘s newest smash single “Ring Fingers”.

Lou comes out swinging on this track with a classic Hip Hop signature sound that parallels perfectly with today’s mainstream sensibility. His mid-ranged vocal tones deliver up witty rhyming skills, dynamic lyrical narratives and a raw style that touches on equal parts originality and familiarity. It gives his audience a taste of something fresh yet still identifiable and relatable.

With clever punchlines in every bar and measure, the song’s beat is very crafty and ominously eclectic. It’s the type of track that you can come back to time and time again, and you’ll never get sick of it. Delving into the production value, the song’s more simple side showcases Lou‘s insatiable knack for his wordsmithy approach, as well as his multifaceted flow that resonates perfectly with the song structure. It’s a great direction for Hop Hop and offers up several classic components while also diving into innovative ideas.

“Ring Fingers” is also a track that really has balance and composure. It doesn’t succumb to one trick pony methods or any kind of post production theatrics to distract you from anything lacking in the lyrical forefront. The lyricism is very versatile as it also is visceral if you really pay attention to the methodical rhyming schemes Lou utilizes throughout this song’s duration. It’s a song for true Hip Hop lovers that really like to delve into an artist beyond the surface.

But the best part is the likability factors of this song. It’s a track that will entice you to research more into the artist’s discography, as well as keep your eyes open for future prospects. If you don’t know Lou Anthony yet, and want the most effective impression of him, then “Ring Fingers” will rock your world. It may be your first time listening to Lou Anthony, but certainly won’t be the last. You’ll be hooked on this banger.

Lou Anthony will be releasing his album SELF: Something Everyone Looks For this summer in 2019, and will be available in stores as well as digital music retailers and streaming platforms.

A brief interview with Lou Anthony:

What got you started on your music?

I’ve always been a creative [person] from the time I was a kid. One thing in particular that I did well early was drawing. That was a deep passion of mine, still to this day, but it was my outlet for a really long time until I became more influenced by the art of music. So that creativity and artistry was always there, it’s just evolving into different things.

Who are your biggest musical influences and why?

I owe a lot of respect and acknowledgement to Tupac Shakur, first and foremost for being my BIGGEST inspiration. Whether it’s music or just being a man and handling yours, Pac is always someone who’s inspired me. J. Cole & CyHi the Prynce had huge influences on me in high school, and Tory Lanez now, too. But also the immortals like Erykah Badu, Mos Def, & Luther Vandross.

What was your worst and best show?

I did a show at the TLA Theater in Philly in ’13. Probably my worst show [LOL]. I performed a new song that I wasn’t all-the-way comfortable with yet and I forgot some of my lyrics. Nobody booed or anything but I was still embarrassed. It happens. My best show hasn’t happened yet, though. Tom Brady told me that his favorite championship is the next one. The work is never done so don’t dwell, work harder.

What’s your personal message as an artist?

I’m me. And I’m unapologetic about it. I’m letting people know that I see my flaws and insecurities, and instead of hiding them and being sensitive about them, I embrace them. For example, I’m a grown man who’s very tiny in stature. That bothered me all my life until I realized I couldn’t change who I am. I didn’t need to, and later I didn’t want to. That’s why shxt doesn’t bother me. I don’t give a fxck what people think. So I’m about being real and being righteous in the truest sense of the terms.

What is this newest release about?

Ring Fingers‘ is a record I did with Baxhan. Shout out to Baxhan by the way. I loved where he took the instrumental and I just wrote what I felt it needed. The song is about cheating mistresses and stuff like that [LOL]. The concept is much deeper than the surface so you have to really listen to it. So I won’t say much more about it other than the fact that I think fans will love it.

Pick three artists you compare yourself to

I try not to do that [LOL]. I do, however, hear people compare my sounds to J. Cole, Bryson Tiller, and even Nas early on. I just pride myself on being original, and kind of separating myself from what others are doing. I definitely get inspired by them but I try to stay unique to me. They can’t be me, I can’t be them.

What’re your plans for 2019?

My album ‘SELF: Something Everyone Looks For‘ in stores Summer ’19! I’m looking forward to blessings!

Connect with Lou Anthony:

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Artist Review: SFS Sound Presents Nick Ivey – “Grew Up With Nothin’” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

The collective at Simple Functioning Solutions have put together an incredible platform of rising musicians determined to bring other artists together to collaborate, innovate and take their realm to new ideas and greater heights. One of SFS‘s anchor musicians, Nick Ivey, a versatile Hip Hop artist with his own multifaceted signature sound, has recently dropped a track that is lyrically dynamic and compellingly visceral.

This single is called “Grew Up With Nothin'”, an amazing concoction of clever punchlines, witty rhyming techniques and an ambient beat that fits beautifully with today’s more modern spectrum of Hop Hop. The track is crafty and has great beat structures. It has nostalgic production techniques and textures that really brings Nick‘s vocal approach to the forefront and gives you a sense of his authenticity and artistic merit.

The song flows well – it is t convoluted and really delivers up an aura of Hip Hop that touches on both originality and familiarity, giving the listener a taste of something fresh yet still identifiable; and especially relatable. You can hear his lyrical narratives very clearly, and doesn’t bombard his rhymes with strong accents that are hard to understand. His voice is clean, smooth and really gets his message across.

Best of all, this track is one that is easily likable. His musicianship factors are anything but ordinary and the self-production makes it all the more authentic and real. Nick, as well as the platform at SFS, are expanding their network to reach out to other rising musicians with the desire to head in the right direction. If you’re an artist looking for a crew to collaborate with and make magic, then SFS is the perfect outlet for that. “Grew Up With Nothin'” as well as other music in their discography can be heard on their SoundCloud page below. You’ll be more than happy we sent you there.

Connect with Nick Ivey and SFS:

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Artist Review: Way-Z – “Together (feat. Trace The Kid)” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Sometimes it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. And Hip Hop artist Way-Z (along with Feature artist Trace The Kid) deliver a compelling message with the upbeat single “Together”, a song dedicated to their unrelenting respect for their hometown community.

The song is very clever with the lyrical narratives. Accompanied by an eye-catching lyric video, there is dialogue between both artists in between the verses that sets the stage for what we’re about to hear. The beat is hypnotic and multifaceted, a perfect foundation for the charismatic rhyming techniques that both artists showcase in each bar and verse. One notable factor is the very poised and ambient chorus. The melody choices are visceral, and the execution is nostalgic. Feature artist Trace The Kid carries his voice diligently throughout this track and “Together” is a versatile showcase of his talent with different angles that brings his musicianship factors to the forefront, and it never disappoints.

The most notable components to this track is the lyrical content and the message behind it. With top notch production value that gives a lot of life to this track, it’s the perfect parallel to the authenticity of Way-Z‘s signature style as well. The track easily has hit song sensibilities and I can definitely see this single going to bigger places with the right PR behind it to push it up to bigger prospects. It’s worthy of mainstream marketing. This track also has staying power – the power to stay with you after it’s over. Which is indicative of earning a classic-status with this single.

Overall, “Together” is an inspirational and relatable track that just about anyone can resonate with. This single is compellingly catchy as well, on top of everything else that makes this track an absolute gem. The song is currently available on digital music retailers and streaming platforms. You won’t regret taking a listen – you’ll be hooked from the first listen.

Connect with Way-Z:

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Press Release: Grey Smith Gears Up To Release His Upcoming EP “Ghost Notes” On 2/1/19

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

Honing his craft with a signature sound comprised of anthemic beats, spacey vibes and versatile rhyming structures through a series of hypnotic bars and measures, Hip Hop artist Grey Smith gears up to release his upcoming EP Ghost Notes.

The songs on this upcoming record are an innovative welcoming into 2019 with its modernized and multifaceted qualities that parallel both performance and production value. They are viscerally melancholic tracks with an electronically infused edge that showcases Grey‘s artistic merit through melodic use of ambient beats in an atmospheric aura. His mid-ranged voice is clean, smooth and glides through verses with diligent lyrical punchlines that are equally captivating as they are thought provoking.

One of the key components of Ghost Notes is the EP’s consistency. There is a glistening vibe through every instrumental and really delves into a space-like realm that delivers up a unique modern twist to today’s Hip Hop era. The approach is fascinating, effective and nostalgic. But definitely sustains an essence of familiarity as well as originality. It’s the right direction for today’s Hip Hop and Grey really puts together a tasty chemistry that’ll help guide the way.

Ghost Notes is slated for release on February 1st, 2019, and will be available on several digital music retailers and streaming platforms. Mark your calendars, you’ll be glad you did.

Connect with Grey Smith:

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