Press Release: Portuguese Solo Artist Filipe Ferin Set To Release His Newest EP “The End’s Magic”

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

Hailing from the beautiful landscapes of Portugal and known for his acoustic/electric and very eclectic signature sound, Alt/Indie solo artist Filipe Ferin is slated to release his newest catalogue of masterpieces with the upcoming EP The End’s Magic on December 23rd.

It’s hard to come by really passionate artists like Filipe nowadays, where you create music out of genuine love for your craft, your fans, and overall artistic merit. The End’s Magic is a beautiful journey into story-telling anthems, ambient guitar lines and swift songwriting structures that really puts together a wholesome sound and validity to Filipe‘s authentic style and passion.

Utilizing a vocal style that has a very broad range, each track from The End’s Magic is versatile with several musicianship factors that standout. Filipe‘s vocal style is multifaceted and crafts his melody choices diligently through every measure. The choruses are catchy, the guitar progressions are futuristic, and each song resonates with each other perfectly with both musical and lyrical content.

From acoustic to electric guitars laying a subtle and sonic foundation to every hook and measure, every instrument and additive brings out the best of Filipe‘s voice and overall tone. Every track offers up a different angle of his style, yet stays true to its signature style and production quality. His acoustic and electric blends of Alt-Rock, Indie and Pop take on a life of its own, and lends touches of both originality and familiarity to keep each track on balance and composure. Everything is well implemented and pieced together correctly, and the many moods and textures of The End’s Magic are magical altogether.

The EP officially releases on December 23rd and will be available on several digital music retailers and streaming platforms. It’ll easily be one of your favorite releases before the year is out.

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Press Release: Tanyé SøL Slated To Release Her New Single “Do You Care” December 28th + New Album Spring 2019

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

Sexy Soul Delivers Again!

Tanyé SøL delivers an amazing service of R&B music to the masses! She gives Neo Soul a sexy spin that is sure to leave audiences across the world in awe. This Oklahoma native dedicates her life to harmony, inspiration, and projects a versatile and multifaceted vocal delivery that is equally compelling as it is musically satisfying; which has garnered her the recognition as the starlet she is today.

With the industry buzz of her previous releases Shockwave Vol.1 and Shockwave Vol. 2, Tanyé has honed her own signature sound with a classic mix that displays a sultry dynamic range of the 90’s with a vibe that resonates also with the millennials and centennials today. Tanyé once again intends to capture audiences with her new anchor single from her upcoming album Akashic Records entitled “Do You Care.” It is also the follow up single to her predecessor Pain Over Pleasure. “Do You Care” is a slow song where the protagonist asks the big question to her love interest. Due to past hurt, the song displays this woman’s attempt to avoid being vulnerable to someone that may not want the same things.

Do You Care” is written and performed by Tanyé, and composed by Demario Hammonds, AKA the Supproducer. “Do You Care” will release on December 28th, 2018. Pre-orders will be available on December 14th. Akashic Records is slated for release in the spring of 2019.

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Press Release: Power Trio Tarah Who? Gears Up To Release Their Newest EP “64 Women” On February 22nd, 2019

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

People have been describing Tarah Who? as “If Motörhead was fronted by Alanis Morissette”. The band recalls 1990s alt-rock and grunge’s tradition of balancing integrity with tuneful songcraft. And the energetic trio is very excited to showcase this sound with their upcoming EP “64 Women”, slated for release February 22nd, 2019.

Touching on a grungy rock sound that shares equal parts originality and familiarity, Tarah Who?’s female-fronted versatile style is heavy, melodic and encompasses anthemic song structures and songwriting. Lead by front-girl and band founder, Tarah G. Carpenter, she has teamed up with producer Jason Orme (Alanis Morissette guitarist) to compile a collection of tracks that showcase’s the band’s effective signature sound and boasts some of their best work to date. Comprised of 5 new authentic tunes with big, heavy, fast paced guitars and a driving, punchy rhythm section, “64 Women” puts a fresh hypnotic spin on yesterday’s and today’s iconic rock eras with a vast array of multifaceted elements that are contributed by each band member, and shines through as a whole collectively as a solid chemistry with each track that plays out. Tarah’s vocals are one of the central cornerstones to every song and projects an onslaught of energy and unwavering passion. With lyrical concepts that delve into story-telling methods that widely range from a series of topics, she never fails to grab your undivided attention with her ability to tell a compelling story and keep you on the edge of your seat. The band’s rhythm section, comprised of female-drummer/backup vocalist, Coralie Hervé, along with bassist/backup vocalist, Joey Southern, cruises through the tracks with loud, vicious tempos, dynamic fills, and rhythmic riffs that tie each song together and bring an unwavering presence of heavy energy to the band’s overall style on the EP. It’s a record that will feed the insatiable hunger of their current fan base, and amaze new listeners that discover them for the first time and leave them all hankering for more.

The loud and heavy power trio has been an industry buzz since their inception into the market and really hit the ground running throughout 2018; successfully touring the west coast last April and the east coast in July. Now with their heavily-anticipated new EP being geared up for release, the band has acquired a residency in January 2019 at the Redwood Bar in DTLA to promote the new record and will have an official release party in Los Angeles on February 23rd, 2019. In support of the record, they will be heading out in March 2019 to tour the Southwest. They will also be heading overseas to Europe in June and July 2019 to perform tour dates in France and the UK.

64 Women” officially drops on February 22nd, 2019, and will be available on all digital music retailers and streaming platforms, as well as their live shows. Their first anchor single “Numb Killer” from the EP, will be releasing January 11th, 2019, and will be accompanied with an official music video. Mark your calendars!

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Artist Review: Natural – “Natural Disaster” LP

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

A trifecta of looks, brains and talent, R&B/Hip Hop starlet Natural comes out swinging with her newest album Natural Disaster.

Possibly one of the best modern female-fronted records we’ve heard this year, Natural Disaster resonates the perfect blend of the R&B and Hip Hop genres and has the parallel of top notch production value to top it all off. It’s a collection of tracks with dynamically visceral beats, captivating vocal harmonies and cleverly witty lyrical content that showcases Natural‘s naturally gifted passion for the mic.

Each track grabs your attention with Natural‘s hypnotic vocal delivery and anthemic song structures that leave you with a feeling of sonic alchemy and musical satisfaction. She’s a guilty pleasure, but there’s nothing to feel guilty about – she has a craft that just reels you in from the very first track. The biggest standout, however, is the versatility of the record; the ability to showcase equal parts originality and familiarity without falling into a generic realm. We get to hear different angles of Natural‘s sing-songy style with flavorful Hip Hop components, and yet again, a very soulful signature sound that never wavers from its depth, character or artistic merit. She brings in a solid record of consistency, relevance and diligence of her overall style.

Natural Disaster is a treat for everyone; for those who know Natural well, or for those discovering her now. It’s the perfect contribution to today’s modern mainstream urban sensibility with natural talent at the forefront of every track. And that’s one of the biggest reasons that this album is a gem – Natural is naturally gifted, and is worth your undivided attention. And this album showcases her in the most compelling and effective ways.

Natural Disaster is currently available on all digital music retailers and streaming platforms. You’ll be more than glad you gave it a listen.

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Artist Review: Snow White – “I’m Not Really Suicidal, Please Stop Asking Me If I’m Okay” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Encompassing lyrical content that is ominously dark and visceral, we get an array of emotions from Snow White‘s catchy and controversial single “I’m Not Really Suicidal, Please Stop Asking Me If I’m Okay”.

Once you get passed the unusually long and straight-forward song title, you begin to delve deeper into a very talented and well-crafted lyricist that has musicianship qualities that are redeeming and refreshing. Utilizing his gifted mix-ranged voice that is pretty much designated for the Hip Hop genre, Snow White projects a rhythmic rhyming technique that flows well, conveying lyrical content that is cleverly structured and unwaveringly thought provoking. His catchy hooks and bars are tracked diligently over a beat that is ambient, atmospheric and leaves you anticipated with what he puts out next; and that’s one of Snow White‘s biggest components – the ability to grab your attention and reel you in.

And we say that with the utmost respect. This track touches on some very all-too-real content that most artists would shy away from or project more under the surface. But Snow White holds nothing back with this track and truly pieces together something that is effective, compelling and eclectic in its overall delivery. It’s an execution of real emotions with real musicianship factors that parallel each other quite convincingly, and you can’t help but think about the overall message of the song. Is it a cautionary tale? A spilling of dark thoughts and unresolved inner demons? Most likely all of the above, and it’s done very well.

Snow White‘s vocal approach is definitely not run-of-the-mill by any means. He’s got an insatiably undeniable knack for putting together an effective set of clever punchlines, passionate rhymes and a crisp vocal delivery that ties it all together. This is a track that will make you think, and perhaps catch you in your darkest moments. It’s hauntingly original, captivating and ethereal. But no matter what angle you perceive from this song, in the end – it’s completely real. And you’ll find yourself listening to this track several times and finding a new way to relate to it. It just sticks with you, even after the song is over.

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Press Release: Thuggizzle Releases His Newest Single “Get Cha Hustle Up”

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

Thuggizzle prides himself on rhyming off the dome with the ability to think of clever, intricate rhymes on the spot. All of Thuggizzle‘s music is 100% freestyle. But despite the wealth of talent Hodge was born with, the home life of his childhood was one of instability and neglect.

Now continuing his legacy with the release of his newest banger “Get Cha Hustle Up”, the rising artist takes his signature sound and versatile style to new heights and landscapes. Staying true to his freestyle method, Thuggizzle‘s catchy and real lyrical approach is still at the forefront better than ever with his insatiable passion for his craft, his fans, and his drive to be a vital voice in Hip Hop and its movement in today’s wide spectrum of music.

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Artist Review: Lil Opioid – “Cosmic” EP

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Young, aspiring and undeniably talented in his own right, Lil Opioid brings his craft in full swing with his latest EP Cosmic.

Ranging from an array of ambient beats, anthemic production quality and rhythmic rhyming methods that are effective and thought provoking, Lil Opioid (real name Nick Bowman) showcases a versatile vocal style that gives the Hip Hop game and Pop genre an entirely new fresh look and modern feel. Since amassing a rising and loyal fan base with the success of the EP as well as other anchor singles including “Shorty” and “WiFi“, this young on-the-rise artist has been accumulating an insatiable street buzz and internet presence that has him climbing the industry ladder; and has no intention of slowing down his momentum anytime soon.

Delving into his music, his vocal style has a dynamic youthfulness that is charismatic and authentic. His flow is very rhythmic and his lyrical outbursts are very clever, witty, and puts together very tasty ingredients to deliver catchy punchlines and solid hooks. The beats have a very chill and laid back aura with elements of energy, ambience and atmospheric production value. It’s a record that’ll keep you fascinated, on your feet, and constantly having you guess what’s next. Each track resonates diligently throughout its duration and never loses its signature sound; making Cosmic all the more charming and musically satisfying.

This is the perfect release to check out if you’re just discovering Lil Opioid now. He’s a vital voice for younger Hip Hop artists and plays a pivotal and influential role in keeping its movement alive and in the right direction. He’s currently working on his follow-up release, slated for 2019, and will include several big feature artist names that will undoubtedly take off when it releases. In the meantime, grab your copy of Cosmic and his other singles that currently has the industry paying extra attention to Lil Opioid and watching his next move. All of his releases are available on several digital music retailers and streaming platforms, as well as his social media networks. Catch this artist before he takes off!

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