Artist Review: GMO – “What Ifs” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

The whole world is full of “What Ifs”, which is illustrated beautifully in this new single by rising artist GMO.

This feel-good track definitely delivers all the goods from innovative lyrical content to overall production value and everything in between. It’s a subtle and though-provoking song that really gets the listener engaged into every measure GMO articulates. The pacing is well executed and the flow parallels perfectly with it.

This artist’s style is very eclectic as well, he definitely brings his own craft to the forefront and has the potential to be a vital voice in a new wave of Hip Hop. He’s definitely not like anything else you’d hear on any other given day and his ability to really focus on his lyrical content and songwriting factors is what sets him apart from others similar to his caliber. “What Ifs” is definitely what it is when it comes to getting a much needed breath of fresh air.

This single is definitely gonna be on the top of your favorites if you’re looking for originality and authenticity. It’s that new vibe and mood altering substance you’ve been craving for far too long, and this song absolutely satisfies.

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Artist Review & Interview: Brizzle La Musica – “Gorilla Warfare” LP

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Hip Hop fans know that the underground is where the magic happens. The greatest music usually comes from the artists most casual fans haven’t quite heard about yet, but who are pushing hard to get their message out into the world. Brizzle La Musica‘s Gorilla Warfare is one of those gems.

Brizzle La Musica emerges from the elite Toronto music scene in Canada with a Lebanese background and caught the attention of many fans after posting a vast array of freestyle videos on the Instagram page, creating an insatiable internet buzz and expanding fan base surrounding his music and persona. With his latest record Gorilla Warfare, we get a fresh and bold take on a next-level style of Hip Hop any avid listener can identify with.

Each track on this record really encompasses a signature craft that solely belongs to Brizzle and him only. He delivers a style that is versatile, charismatic, and really vibes in a way that tells a story throughout every verse and measure. He is accompanied by a slew of feature artists on this album as well, which gives each song a different angle and spotlight into his artistic merit.

His anchor single “Grab Your Strap (feat. Hoodlum)is one of the highlighted bangers on this record with a solid flow, wordsmithy lyrical content and an unwavering energy that pulls you right into Brizzle‘s overall artistic merit. This single is definitely a generous contribution to today’s Hip Hop and won’t disappoint you in the least.

The best thing about Gorilla Warfare is the consistency. It has a signature sound that each track carries over and keeps you interested. Brizzle‘s rhyming style is very multifaceted and dynamic, and really grows on you as this record plays out. This is the record that is gonna continue to bring him to the top, and Hip Hop fans everywhere will soon be hearing his name.

A Few Questions with Brizzle La Musica:

What is Gorilla Warfare about?

The record is really about showcasing my different musical abilities with combination of showing the city that we can work together.

Name three artists you’d compare your style to.

I can’t be compared to anyone necessarily, but I’m inspired by artists like Jay, The Lox, 50 Cent and many others.

What’s been the highlight of your music career so far?

Being able to compete on the BET Freestyle Friday.

What’re your plans for the rest of the year and 2019?

To finish the rest of the EP and drop some new music by November.

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Artist Review: Sasha Prendes – “Brooklyn” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

NYC’s Brooklyn Borough has a new anthem, and the city itself has a powerful voice representing it with Sasha Prendes‘ new smash single “Brooklyn.”

This artist fast-on-the-rise has the beauty, brains and talent, making her the perfect trifecta. But this especially shows in this new single with the rhythmic grooves, catchy chord progressions and authentically captivating vocals that have amassed Sasha a very promising industry buzz since this song dropped.

It’s reminiscent of other city anthems that we’ve all come to know (ie: Frank Sinatra, Jay-Z, Alicia Keys…) but with a whole new sound and atmosphere that puts NYC on its next level. And that is achieved by some key ingredients: incredible songwriting, production value, and brilliant vocal melodies. And Sasha brings all three to the table, plus so much more that any avid Pop listener can appreciate.

Sasha blends her own signature Pop sound with many other elements that include R&B and Dance, but in the end really delivers a level of versatility that is easily recognizable, yet still original in its own right. And that’s what gives her endless likability factors with a timeless style and presentation. She brings us something different that is captivating, multifaceted and is impossible to go unnoticed.

“Brooklyn” is already trending on all mainstream music retailers and has been extremely influential on social media since the song’s release date. It’s definitely a track that lets you know that Sasha Prendes is well on her way to reaching the top. And once you take a listen to “Brooklyn” yourself, you’ll understand exactly why.

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Press Release: Airwaves Spectacular – “Out In The Distant Black” EP

Article by: Justyn Brodsky & Broken 8 Records

Back in 2017, we had the joy of hearing Airwaves Spectacular’s debut, self-titled record. It was an album that seemingly came out of nowhere, with the band having formed only a few months before its release. Packed with passion, enthusiasm, and will to create, the band had created a record of alt-pop and modern rock anthems that notched up comparisons to Muse, Evanescence, and the Human League, an impressive start to the young outfit.

A musical trio comprised of Cyrus Keefer, Kayla Rae, and Chris Tolentino, Airwaves Spectacular are now back with a brand new EP, bringing their 80’s influenced sound back into the spotlight with three original tracks and noticeable artistic growth. Titled ‘Out In The Distant Black’, the new EP is three neatly packaged tracks that carry on the spirit of their debut.

Led by opener “Standing Still”, a vibrant pop track that shines through glistening guitar work and an immutable energy, the new EP is clearly here to turn some heads. Second number and title track “Out In The Distant Black” is more atmospheric in nature, building from light tones and constant percussion that drive the song forward while letting the vocals shine in ethereal fashion.

Closing number “Rest Near Stone,” the lead single from the release and arguably the most infectious track, is the one to wait for. It’s an upbeat anthem that ties in the band’s love of pop and forward thinking nature, layering organic compositions with flicking digital flourishes to produce a sound that is quickly becoming their hallmark.

All told, the new EP is a real hidden treasure at the moment, and it’s a release that certainly belies the band’s short time together.

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Career Highlights: Todd Morgan Signs With The DNS Agency

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

The DNS Agency is excited to welcome California rocker Todd Morgan to their roster family of select artists.

Presenting his music alongside his band as an outfit called Todd Morgan & The Emblems and known for his authentic and eclectic sound with multi-genre rock elements from many eras, Todd’s single “Sweet Pretender,” a song from his album of the same name, has generated a strong buzz among the music streaming communities and has garnered him a promising fan base of avid listeners. His music from one of his previous albums was also chosen for the 2016 feature film 1959.

The California rocker puts on a captivating live show experience that really raises the bar for many rock-infused influences that range from Rockabilly, Jazz, and Big Band. His stage persona and catchy riffs blend together as a tasty mix of the old and new, topped with a musical chemistry that resonates with any Rock listener from almost any generation.

Now officially signed on with The DNS Agency, Todd looks forward to opening up many new avenues in his music career as well as making new friends and fans along the way. His music is currently available on all mainstream digital retailers and streaming platforms.

Connect with Todd Morgan and The DNS Agency:

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Press Release: Yann Sella – “Existence” EP

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

Blissful moods, subtle buildups and climactic energy might be a few ways to describe Yann Sella‘s upcoming self-produced debut EP Existence, on UK-based label Subdust Music. But the truth is, it’s a record you need to hear to believe.

The EP’s anchor single “Turning Circles (feat. Manchester Rain)” has already received praise and critical acclaim from press and the radio circuit. It has also garnered massive support from listeners worldwide upon its release via internet and continues to make its presence known.

Now with two more tracks to complete the circuit, Yann brings forth a record that is both atmospheric and anthemic. The thought-provoking and ambient “Twinkle” is a song that brings electronic music to a whole new realm with its next-level approach and innovative structure. It’s a track that really could be the soundtrack to your morning sunrise, or anticipation of walking through city lights. Either way, the moods this song possesses are unlike anything you’ll ever hear and really encompasses a movie soundtrack feeling.

With the title track “Existence” we get a similar familiarity as the other songs on the record, but shows a whole other side to the spectrum and really ties it all together beautifully with its multifaceted atmosphere and electronically supercharged emotion. As an instrumental record, all three tracks are most effective when played all the way through without stopping. Like a concept record that tells one story as it plays out through separate chapters. And this trilogy of tracks really delivers a brilliantly structured and dynamically produced EP that is a perfect fit for any avid Electronic/EDM listener.

Existence will be releasing exclusively through Beatport on September 28th and will be made available on all digital music retailers and streaming platforms on October 12th. Mark your calendars, you won’t regret picking up a copy of this record.

Connect with Yann Sella and Subdust Music:

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Artist Highlight: Kim Kline – “Stand Tall” Single/Music Video

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

Dubbed the next “Diva of Rock,” popular rock recording artist Kim Kline recently released her music video for her newest single “Stand Tall” through a worldwide online premiere on September 14th.

The compelling and moving video really centralizes on the awareness factor of bullying, and delivers a very powerful anthem with a brilliant vocal delivery along with the message carried with it. Kim’s presence in the video is extremely effective and the song is emotionally supercharged in all the right places.

With great pacing and cinematography, Kim takes us through a cautionary tale of how the epidemic of bullying comes in several ways and effects each and every person differently, and really brings out the avenue of the song title; to stand tall and overcome the odds, and that everyone has a voice.

The acclaimed singer’s lyrical content and melody factors really pave the road for this song and really encompasses a feel-good vibe that is inescapably embedded into anyone that watches and listens to this song and video. You can’t help but feel this song when seeing the video along with the music, and the execution of the message is brilliantly mastered and is impossible to go unnoticed.

Almost all of us have encountered some form of bullying at some point in our lives. And this song ‘calls out to the haters behind the screen’ and is aimed at instilling the courage in all to stand tall and speak out against any form of bullying.

If this is your first time discovering Kim Kline, you’ll be glad you did. This is the type of song that really gives you a taste of the charisma she has in performance and image alike, and really entices you to research her back catalogue. She is a talented and powerful force of her genre, and is very multifaceted in her musical approach. She knows how to reach an audience, and this song is evidence of that.

Connect with Kim Kline:

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