Artist Review: Soap

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Hailing from the cityscape of Toronto, this up and coming Rapper is already making some noise in his scene.

Recognized by the stage name of Soap, and with a rocky start to his career, his undeniable strive to get his name out has been very apparent since putting out his audio tape Down in the Six.

With very charismatic flow in his lyrical structures with very smooth beats to compliment his overall range, it’s his vocal tone that really solidifies his sound as unique, accessible, and for the ear of the true Hip Hop enthusiast. 

His song “Views of the Six” demonstrates this beautifully, and definitely encourages you to see what Soap is all about. And with a very humble persona on top of natural talent at the surface, I can definitely see some raw potential with the drive and strive to just be heard. That’s the greatest part. He’s not asking to be famous overnight, he does however, want you to take a listen and give him a chance. And out of most underground Rappers that tend to have tunnel vision nowadays when it comes to being at the top of the game without having to work for it, this is not the case with Soap. If you’ve got the time, he’ll bring the tracks.

This is a talented Canadian Artist with a very humble mantra, as well as a great influence on artists that really want to pay their dues, evolve as an artist, and be heard & known for who they really are. Soap is one of the realest artists we’ve come across in quite sometime. Therefore, I think you should give him a listen and really get to know an artist that truly wants to play his cards right, without overhyping himself or succumbing to arrogance. Which is very, very rare among up and comers these days.

Soap is no joke. Give him the chance he deserves. We have his back 100%.

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Artist Review: Riesgo – “Ascent” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky & Solo Banks

Our good friends and sponsor Fearfield Studio have been establishing a collective of very impressive Indie Artists, and we are more than stoked that they sent another one of their up & comers our way.

This next artist, Riesgo, caught our ears immediately with his 90’s influenced Trip Hop beat in his single, “Ascent”, that brings us back to some of Hip Hop’s glory days. There’s even a Mortal Kombat sound byte in the intro that gives a strong affirmation to the 90’s era.

With witty lyricism and splendid rhyming techniques that solidify a very trippy yet busy verse, it all supports many defining factors to this song’s versatility. It pays homage to Hip Hop roots, has enough dynamics in the beat to keep the mind occupied, and definitely grasps at your interest for the track. 

Riesgo‘s flow is one that fits like a glove with both his sense of tone and technique as a whole. “Ascent” is also very charismatic, but the Indie Hip Hop Artist never tries to outdo himself in any way. His style is showcased not only properly for his approach, but also effectively. Leaving  him with an original persona that could head in many positive directions, and so far, seems to be doing just that with an insatiable drive to match.

With skill and ambition serving as perfect parallels for Riesgo, we picture a very bright future ahead for him. And we are in anticipation of what’s to come in the near future for his music and career altogether.

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Artist Review: Truth St. Clair

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Utah Hip Hop mogul and wordsmith, Truth St. Clair, has been a very familiar face around the Artist Reach camp, and an influential one as well with his drive to succeed and take himself to the next level. He originally came to us for Social Media Management services, and after we developed a rapport as we were managing his accounts, we knew that we had to also give him a review as well. His determination and hard work ethics especially earned it, and his humble nature as an artist and person equally.

Jumping back to old school banger beats, the song that caught my ear was “The Power Of The Pen”. Definitely a song that pays homage to Truth‘s influences, inspirations, experiences, and the blessings he’s had in his life that got him to where he is today. An insatiable uplifting song that also persists how the pursuit of music is something that is, well, powerful. The title speaks it all on this one. Through the ups and downs, he’s survived it. And has also managed to utilize it into his music as the perfect healing tool, as well as his way to express the feelings in whole.

The beat is very old school, but has great elements of today’s power production. Great buildups, tone, flavor, and overall capture of the ear that yearns for something fresh. And Truth‘s mid-range voice is perfect for the style, and has very witty writing rhyming techniques, which can be challenging in a world of today’s music where all of it seems to have been done before. But you get a fresh vibe out of Truth St. Clair. And I believe “The Power of the Pen” is a power he himself holds within as an artist in whole. This is real Hip Hop. The kind that will inspire you.

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Artist Review: Alonzo

Review by: Justyn Brodsky & Danielle Ferguson

A presentation of laid-back, imaginative, and a more subtle & ambient approach to Hip Hop allowing a song to have more foreground to showcase the true nature of an Artist’s actual talent like it is meant to be.

This description is perfectly fitting to Recording Artist, Alonzo, and his single “TRIPPYNation”. A Hip Hop song that eases you in, rather than sounding alarms and setting off sirens that the genre obnoxiously tends to hit you over the head with. 

This is not the case for Alonzo at all, and throughout most of the Hip Hop we’ve been reviewing over these past months, it seems to be heading in a similar if not very close to the same approach among the underground Hip Hop artists we’ve discovered and reviewed. Which in my opinion, if the major label artists don’t tone it down a bit, the Indie/Underground is gonna push them out of the way. Or these brilliant underground Hip Hop artists could possibly risk being plagiarized. 

Alonzo‘s track has a very R&B-oriented beat that makes this song melodic, emotional, innovative, and very memorable. It has that staying power where you could put this track on repeat, but better yet, let the tracks play out. Especially his song “Mystique”. Another song with a clear presentation of how well executed Alonzo‘s talent is with the forefront’s room to show off his dynamically gifted mic skills and witty nature to his rhyming.

Again, Alonzo is more solidified proof that Indie Hip Hop is going to be tossing a tarp over the majors and nailing down each corner with a railroad spike. Connect, listen, reach out, and get to know these artists before it’s too late! Because these artists are heading for much bigger things sooner than you think.

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Artist Review: Step Back J

Review by: Justyn Brodsky & Christina Myers

If there’s one artist that started out 2017 with a bang, on-the-rise Hip Hop wordsmith Step Back J did just that with his Sophomore Album, Public Thoughts. A beautifully crafted collection of tracks that has evolved since his predecessing Freshman effort.

Step Back J‘s album opener, “Endless Summer”, is melodic, infectious, and sets the tone for the rest of the tracks with his witty, clever lyricism with an extremely ambient beat that almost gives you the feeling of a dream sequence.

Putting J‘s vocals in the forefront with perfect overdubs and heavy touches of reverb, it’s very easy to hear his rhyming skills with the foreground leaving him with all the room he needs to get his message across. It’s almost presented in a spoken-word sort of manner, but in all honesty, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Veering away from post-production theatrics that either makes or (heavily) breaks a track, the simplicity in SBJ‘s production value really brings out the best of his insatiably infectious and dynamic rhyming techniques that draws you further into what his overall persona offers; which from what has been presented thus far, has been nothing short of amazing.

We’re stoked to hear what J has up his sleeve in the near future, and if he ends up touring this year and is coming through your area, we can’t stress enough that you should be attending his show. You’ll see and hear once again that underground Hip Hop is where the best of it is, and Step Back J is more concrete proof of that.

Step forward and listen to Step Back J‘s Public Thoughts. And expect the unexpected in every positive way as this artist continues to climb the industry ladder.

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Artist Review: Darick “DDS” Spears

Review by: Justyn Brodsky & Dave Welsh

When NYC’s underground Hip Hop comes into play, real recognizes real. And when it comes to the Borough-based Hip Hop pioneer and Published Author Darick “DDS” Spears, we have a perfect role model to support this kind of insatiable recognition.

Charismatic, witty, and done with a very versatile NYC-scenic approach surrounding the song’s visualistic theme, the Official Music Video for DDS‘s popular single, “Paranoid”, gives you not only a very dynamic piano-oriented beat with an old school feel, but also a very catchy and authentic rhyming scheme. And when mixed together with the video’s documentary/indie style with the sites and scenes of the New York streets, we have a chemistry that showcases diligence, true talent, and the recognizable nature of being real, like stated before.

I must say, the song is great on its own and “Paranoid” is definitely a track that will entice you to check out DDS‘s catalogue, but I also strongly encourage to watch the video as well. It doesn’t have BMW’s, Twerking, or hundred dollar bills that this day & age of Hip Hop loves to overdose you with, and it isn’t needed. It’s refreshing, captivating, and best of all…REAL.

We at Artist Reach without reservation recommend DDS and you’ll be hearing and seeing a lot more of him on our platforms. In the meantime, give “Paranoid” a listen (and watch) and prepare to add him to your current list of 2017’s best discoveries (if you haven’t done so already).

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Artist Review: Mark Saunders

Review by: Justyn Brodsky & Dave Welsh

Underground Hip Hop at its finest graces the Artist Reach platform once again. And with Mark Saunders, it can’t be said enough.

Hailing uptown in the Bronx borough of NYC, Hip Hop wordsmith, Mark Saunders, really hits it out of the park with his mind boggling single, “Hunger Games”. A song where you hear dynamically clever rhyming schemes from the very soft, showcased with a very smooth vocal tone.

On top of the laid back production value, you have lyrical content that is real as it gets. His approach with every buildup within his rhyming scheme that redeems itself even more with insatiable punchlines, I’m surprised an artist like this hasn’t caused a bidding war yet. This is textbook proof once again that some of the realest Hip Hop pioneers are in the undeniable underground scene; the scene where the best execution of amazing finished products come forward, and just need to get out there to the right people.

With that said, Mark Saunders without reservation is definitely one of my current Hip Hop draft picks for 2017. We are eager to hear what this lyrical maestro has up his sleeves in the shortcoming. In the meantime, do yourself a favor and give Saunders your full attention and listen to how this artist blows minds.

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