Artist Review: Poetic RockStar – “Gemini Dancer” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Soul. Poetry. And a rising star gives DMV-area artist Poetic RockStar the persona and identity that has been pivotal to his career in music.

While mastering his own craft in the writing and poetry worlds, he also utilizes his skills to encourage and inspire others to tap into their respective passions. However, it’s his own passion of writing that inspired PoeticRockStar into forming his own signature sound and genre called Neotry – a charismatic and stylistic combination of Jazz, Neo-Soul, R&B, Hip Hop, and Poetry; stirred with a modernized twist that brings out his renowned play on words, and straightforward bars-approach that sets him aside from your run-of-the-mill artist or rapper.

His song “Gemini Dancer” is a great introduction into PR‘s world, and really showcases every angle of his artistic merit in all its glory. With a simple and effective guitar progression driving this song forward, PR delivers a soul-infused hook with a conceptual flow and versatile approach to the everyday life of being single and ready to mingle.

Incorporating his signature Neotry sound and style into every story-telling verse, “Gemini Dancer” is a witty and brilliantly crafted track that has powerful performance value and originality. While touching on a very valid and all-too-often concept, he executes it perfectly with a very effective way of delivering a flow of words that you can easily resonate with, and enjoy in a whole different way.

He keeps this song upbeat, encourages crowd participation, and strongly boasts a genuinely positive vibe during every measure of this song. It has endless likability factors and a catchiness that is hard to achieve in this era of music.

You’re likely to recognize every facet of each genre implemented into this song, but it’s never been done quite like this. Poetic RockStar has set new boundaries for other artists of his caliber, and is gonna help lead the way with newer and fresher forms of artistic expression. Do yourself a favor and give yourself the Neotry experience that we got; you’ll be glad we recommended it.

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Artist Review: Terah Boyd – “Created Me” EP

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

An exercise of spiritual healing; if you’re in a dark place and need a restoration of your faith in God, then ASCAP starlet Terah Boyd will do exactly that with her inspirational Created Me EP.

And she is absolutely perfect for the role of the genre; her voice is very reminiscent of an angel, if one were to sing. From Gospel-oriented ballads and Soul-infused vocal deliveries, Boyd brings her God-given talent right to the forefront with this EP.

The EP starts out with the charismatic opener “The Eyes Of Faith”, a song that showcases Boyd‘s vocal abilities from almost any angle. The multi-layered chorus is definitely a treat, and really brings a spiritual energy into the track as her vocals soar through this song, along with the high quality production value and musicianship that really brings it all together.

With other songs from the EP taking on a softer tone, Boyd‘s versatility, content and multifaceted nature is just as effective and really gets you to delve deeper into her realm of faith, as well as your own.

While the EP is self-reflective, it also casts a wave of positive spirit and endless likability factors that can’t be ignored. She tackles each song with unwavering passion and perfect vocal control, showcasing every angle of her talent most effectively, as well as diligently.

Her soaring melodies in the popular anchor single “You Are” and the blissfully subtle “It Is Written” demonstrates this perfectly. From acoustic guitar textures and traditionally solidified piano progressions, Boyd‘s one-track vocals are effective, inspiring, and project a balance and composure that is very rare in today’s mainstream music.

She finishes off strongly with the Soul-captivating track “What You Deserve”, a song that encompasses a vibe from yesterday and today’s sensibilities. Boyd‘s several-part harmonies are perfected to a science on this uplifting song, and her signature sound really comes together with a dose of feel-good moods and melody catchiness. If you’re yearning for the good old days with a modernized twist into today’s world of music, this song definitely hits home right where the heart is.

It’s astonishing how much talent we come across at the Artist Reach camp. And you can add Terah Boyd to this roster. If you’re looking to strengthen your faith, mood and overall spirited nature, then Created Me is made just for you.

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Press Release: Brittany Bloom – “You” Single

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

The new single “You” is currently available on all digital music retailers and streaming outlets.

Artists can be dime-a-dozen, but there is only one Brittany Bloom.

From looks, talent, and a renowned charisma that has captivated many sets of ears over many years, the lovable and on-the-rise Brittany Bloom, an Atlanta-based artist, definitely knows how to bring an unforgettable melody to a song and keep you singing along even after it’s over. Her newest release is definitive proof of this.

A laid back and vibe-y feel-good track, Brittany Bloom’s newest Caribbean-style single “You” touches on a versatility and a multifaceted sound that showcases equal parts originality and familiarity. Her very dynamically-ranged vocals drives this song forward with precision, passion, and production value that really brings it all together, and delivers you a track perfect for your summer mix.

I was inspired to create this song from my times of performing in the Caribbeans. I enjoy the vibe and the way it makes me feel I’m on vacation during a sunny day, or on a beach.

Hailing from the landscapes of South Carolina, Brittany Bloom has been performing on stages all across the world including as professional singer for the last five years, traveling the world and performing alongside a vast array of multi-Grammy Award winning Artists and notable names in the industry. No matter how big or small the venue or event may be, Bloom definitely encompasses a high-energy aspect for every live show that keeps the crowd dancing and the heads turning.

Now with her new single in action, it’s safe to say that “You” is one of those songs with staying power; a song that stays with you, allowing every listener to keep coming back time and time again without having it get old. One of those songs that makes a direct impact, and turns the average listener into a die-hard fan of Bloom, whether this be the first time discovering her, or have been following her career from the start.

You” is a single that is part of Bloom’s upcoming EP slated for release this fall in 2018, currently untitled. She is touring in support of the newest single starting in June, and already have official dates lined up for cities including Charlotte (NC), Columbia (SC), Florence (SC), Atlanta (GA), Miami (FL), New York (NY), among many other dates to be announced.

Listen to the new single You” now by clicking here:

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Artist Review #2: The Keymakers – “Burning Me Up” Single

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

We are proud to bring back dynamic duo The Keymakers with a fiery hot new single, “Burning Me Up”.

If you caught our first review of these two incredible voices, then you know how much we love these guys. And we are absolutely blown away with this new single. Once again we have an R&B and electronically infused song with two singers that showcase endless likability factors.

This is definitely a song for everyone, but especially for the ladies. With Usher-influenced vocals and their own versatile components that touch on originality and familiarity, “Burning Me Up” is an explosion of R&B heat with sex appeal, amazing talent, multifaceted vocal ranges, and a mainstream-worthy catchy chorus that’ll keep you singing along.

With two beautifully clean-vocal artists at the forefront of this song, it’s impossible not to hear their insatiably natural voice talent. While the song is produced very coherently with a multitude of multi-layered plugins, the beat and key signature/progression that drives this song forward is one of the biggest standouts in the production value. It leaves open an intelligently crafted opportunity to put some unforgettable vocal melodies and structures into the song; and The Keymakers duo do exactly just that. They put lyrical bliss in each verse, and put a climactic touch on the chorus that just makes you realize just how well written this song is.

I must say, when we reviewed these guys the first time around, I was definitely curious on hearing what these guys would put out later on. And they definitely exceeded my expectations. This is an astonishingly banging track, and if you heard them from our prior review of these guys, you gotta hear this one.

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Press Release: Blaque Rose

Article by: Justyn Brodsky

Hailing from the landscapes of the Pocono Mountains, Retro/Electronic & Pop recording artist, Blaque Rose, began hitting the ground in the music realm many years ago throughout the NYC & Tri-State area music scenes. And since then, has manifested into a versatile, dynamic, and multifaceted artist with an insatiable drive and determination to make his way to the top.

Since his inception, Blaque Rose’s artist development process has been extremely effective with his hands-on experience approach; producing other artists and assisting many of them on getting signed. After garnering years of experience as a producer and A&R, Blaque Rose started setting his sights on creating his own music and is now on the pathway as a performing and recording artist.

Blaque Rose is known for his innovative and multi-genre signature sound, combining elements of Electronic, Retro, Punk, and Pop sensibilities. His music stems from a vast array of many musical influences, including industry heavyweights such as Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, and several others.

Blaque Rose is currently in the production stages with his music. His 3 singles “Our Lives”, “Needed You”, and “Chosen Ones” are slated for release this summer from his upcoming album 2 U. He is also gonna be participating in the festival circuit in a variety of major cities including NYC, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Texas, and also locations in Europe as well.

As Blaque Rose continues to compose, create, manifest, and spread the heat throughout 2018 and beyond, be sure to connect with him on his official social media and music streaming platforms for News, Music, Events, Booking, Contact Info, and anything else related.

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Artist Review: Kory Kane – “K.E.T.O.” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky & Derrick Kicherer

A perfect blend of yesterday’s and today’s more prominent Hip Hop acts with a flavorful hint of R&B stylistic hooks is what makes Kory Kane‘s smash single “K.E.T.O.” a standout of its caliber.

But it goes into so much more than that; Kane‘s artistic merit and witty lyrical content really sets the groundwork for music that is both original recognizable. Reminiscent with the iconic 90s Hip Hop era and some of today’s Hip Hop pioneers, Kory Kane delivers up a natural vibe and a steady flow in “K.E.T.O.” It has a beat that innovates the song’s musicianship factors, and a vocal delivery that is both charismatic and laid back in all the right places.

This track also has that staying power – that spectrum where the song doesn’t lose its impact over time. It’s something you can come back to time and time again and have it grow on you even more each time you listen. It also entices you to delve more into Kory Kane‘s catalogue; and see a more comprehensive timeline of his music and history.

If you’re looking for something fresh, familiar, charismatic and enticing, “K.E.T.O.” will not disappoint you in the least.

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Press Release: Ben Green – “Change Up” Single

Article published by: Justyn Brodsky

Ben Green is set to detonate – his debut single/video “Change Up” officially drops June 1st.

By the age of twelve, Ben Green was already working on his freestyle rhymes. By the time he was fourteen, he discovered his ability to write material and hooks that connected through his unique and fresh perspective. And now, five years later & on the verge of entering his twenties, he’s got his style completely dialed-in, and this nineteen year-old artist is set to detonate with his debut single in 2018.

Confident, controlled, and highly capable – Ben sets himself apart from the rest through his insightful lyricism and ultra-smooth sound on “Change Up.” Stocked full of vibes that expertly combine Rap and R&B, Ben’s debut single delivers a chilled-out experience that intensely examines what it takes to beat the odds, move past the haters, and overcome any obstacle that stands in the way of him changing the game.

Stylistic and powerfully rhythmic, Ben’s vocals glide over the bars and stunning low-end beat on “Change Up,” shining a bright light on his gift for songwriting and the dedication of a true wordsmith. Keeping it 100 – Ben ‘keeps that bird’s-eye’ and examines the path that’s brought him here objectively, getting all-kinds of personal and real on “Change Up” in an inspiring way that resonates, straight-up.

Relatable and relevant for right now, “Change Up” reveals the artist that Ben Green has always been meant to be. With an immaculately professional sound and genuine commitment to style & quality, this debut single is the gateway drug into a whole catalog of impressive cuts set to be released in 2018 as Ben gets set to establish himself firmly in the music-scene and at the top of playlists & charts worldwide.

Representing Venice in Cali, Ben’s versatility as an artist and dynamic sound make a memorable impact on all who listen – always has, always will. “Change Up” puts the strengths of Ben’s style right up front in the spotlight and in the speakers, vibrantly flexing the skills and talent of an authentic artist that’s committed, focused, diverse, humble, entertaining…and most importantly, ready for his moment in time.

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